Dear Snarky – Help, I’ve Lied To My Mom Friends!

609d7b389ff7a7660fe3e11a39842d59Dear Snarky,

I’m the mother of a soon to be kindergartener. All my pre-school mom friends are going to be sending their kids off to a private kindergarten in the fall. I kind of, because I didn’t want to be the odd man out, lied that my son would also being going to this private kindergarten. The truth is we can’t afford it and our public schools are great.

Well, now all the moms are talking about the Spring Welcome to Kindergarten meeting and I have to fess up that my child will never be going to that school.

What’s the best way to do this and not look like a big liar?


Worried Mom

dear_snarky_logo-1 Dear Worried,

 I could tell you to cleanse your conscience and be 100% truthful yet I’m sure that’s not the kind of advice you’re seeking. I’m guessing you want me to give you a way to save face. So, because this is Dear Snarky not Dear Abby here’s what I recommend.

 Share with your posse of pre school moms that after much soul-searching and thoughtful deliberation you and your husband have decided to support your local public schools. You feel as a family that by investing in public education you are doing your part to build a better community for everyone.

 I call this a two-fer. It gets you out of a sticky spot and you’re making yourself sound like a burgeoning community activist.

 Now for some advice you didn’t ask for. In the future stop trying so hard to fit in with the herd and quit fibbing. There are only so many times I’m going to be able to come to your rescue. 

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3 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – Help, I’ve Lied To My Mom Friends!

  1. Quinn says:

    Great advice, but I would like to add that this mom should be fully prepared that once these women’s kids are off to their private school this mom friendship is probably over. One of the main reasons (and perhaps only reason) they are friends is because of their kids and the shared experienced of having kids in the same class. When that is taken out of the equation they have nothing left in common and it’s goodbye to a bunch of women you were so worried about keeping your friendship alive that you lived a lie.

  2. amy says:

    Good point, Quinn. Also, a very good public school can do just as well as a private school, with the benefit of being larger with a wider variety of diversity across socio-economic brackets. If the private school mom friends are true friends, they will understand and forgive the fib. Or you could just say you changed your mind. If they don’t let it go, you’re better off anyway. One complaint I’ve seen of parents who went to public school, whose kids go to private school, is that their kids have a very limited world view. Something to think about.

  3. Wendi says:

    I have a feeling this woman is a serial fibber. Why would you lie about something so stupid and why would you feel the need to lie to keep these friends? Is it because she was already afraid that they don’t like her? She just sounds like a loser imho

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