Dear Snarky – Grandmother-In-Law Problems

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My husband is very close with his grandma. Actually, all the males in the family are close with her. However, all the females in the family despise this woman. She’s very sexist, and her comments are often justified by “she’s just old-fashioned.” I don’t buy it. I’ve yet to meet a woman who is a total jerk because they’re “old-fashioned.”

She constantly tells women their “place” in the household and expects the females to do everything for the men without help.

I love my husband but I’m afraid to hurt him by telling him that I cannot stand this woman and do not want to see her. What do I do about my crazy grandmother in law?

Signed, Frustrated

Dear Frustrated,

It sounds like you have less of a grandmother-in-law issue and more of a husband problem. Of course all the men in the family adore her. She’s probably been mandating spoiling these dudes all their lives. If you’re them what’s not to like about that?

 What these now grown ass men (and specifically your husband) need to do is put on their big boy britches and stand up for their wives. No more hiding behind grandma skirts and pretending they don’t see what’s going on.

 I’m not advocating being mean to a granny. What I am saying is that your husband needs to start being firm with his grandmother by letting her know that he has zero tolerance for anyone disrespecting the love of his life – that’s you by the way not his nana – just in case you were confused.

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