Dear Snarky – A “Karen” Wants a Name Change

Dear Snarky,

 My mother is being ridiculous and I need some words of wisdom to share so she quits making a fool of herself.

 My mom’s name is Karen. She’s not one of those Karen’s. She’s very kind and always wants the best for everyone. But since the name Karen has become a symbol for a woman being a jerk she’s decided to change her name.

 She’s not legally changing it but she’s requested that family and friends now call Lizzie. Her middle name is Elizabeth so she’s shortened that to Lizzie. She’s still answering to the name Karen but every time someone calls her that she corrects them and says, “It’s Lizzie.”

 Also, she’s told us that we have a two-week grace period to get her name right and after that she won’t be responding to Karen.

 How can we get her to stop this? She’s 61 years old. Who changes their name at 61? I think she’s making too big a deal out of this “Karen” thing.

 Signed,  Desperate Daughter

Dear Desperate,

 Back off and leave your mother alone. What’s the harm in your mom doing a little friends and family name change? To be honest she’s an inspiration to me.

 My name is Sherry. It’s never suited me. I’ve always wanted a dramatic name like Valka or Maximillian. Anyone named Sherry is, at best, advanced middle aged. It’s like I don’t even need to tell people how old I am. My name does that for me. So, maybe I’ll take a cue from your mom and start having people call me Valka.

 Okay, yeah, that’s not going to happen but there is no real harm in what your mom is doing. She’s not legally changing it. In fact, I think she’s having some fun and a lot of that fun is coming from messing with your mind.

 Just go with it. I like the name Lizzie. It sounds fun and friendly. Also, you call her “mom” so why do you care what everyone else calls her? And not to split hairs but she’s using a nickname for Elizabeth which is her middle name so technically that’s still a part of her name.

 Relax Desperate Daughter and quit trying to control your mother. 

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6 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – A “Karen” Wants a Name Change

  1. Lizzie Borden says:

    This is too funny (and too weird!) I am also related to a “Karen.” This “Karen,” however, is a “Karen” in every sense of the urban dictionary definition (correct age range, needing to speak to your manager, bobbed hair cut, the whole deal!). However, the backstory is funnier than that even. Once there were 2 “Karens” in my family (both in-laws) and the younger Karen started going by her middle name to distinguish between them. After the older one divorced out of the family, the younger one wanted her name back. It took me a LOT of hard work to relearn her name because I was only 2 when I met her the first time by her middle name. But I worked at it, and I succeeded. Only to find out about 10-15 years ago that her side of the family never stopped calling her by her middle name. Apparently only our side of the family was required to relearn everything. Then about 6 months ago, I joined a “Karen-free” Facebook group and had to look up the meaning in Urban Dictionary as a condition of joining. I swear I was looking at a picture of my in-law! So, for the kind lady who asked about changing her relative’s name to Lizzie, I suggest she use a limerick to help her remember Lizzie’s new name: “Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks…” 🙂

  2. My Name is Karen says:

    I was christened Karen and I’m about ready to change my name. I know this whole Karen moment will die down but I agree with Snarky I’m ready to for an update. Karen, Sherry, Linda, Barbara all those names sound old. Maybe I’ll upgrade to Chloe or Charlotte.

  3. Another Karen says:

    I am also named Karen and thinking seriously about having people call me by my initials or middle name. When I’ve brought it up to friends they think it’s silly. And yet here I am, with a name that now means entitled white a$$hole. It’s no fun.

  4. Angela says:

    Honest to God, when I read this: “I’ve always wanted a dramatic name like Valka…”, I thought it said Vodka and I think that’s an awesome idea.

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