Dear Snarky – My Secret Santa Gift to My Boss is Coming Back to Bite Me In the Ass

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 I think the Secret Santa gift I gave my boss may end up costing me my job. In December everyone in the company drew names for Secret Santa. I got my boss and the gift rules were something funny and under $20. I thought it would be hilarious to give my boss the Walmart version of Spanx.

 She seemed okay when she opened the gift and sort of  laughed. But last week I got a horrible year-end performance review and a couple of my co-workers say it’s because I insulted my boss by giving her an XL tummy shaper. What should I do? I don’t want to lose my job.

 Signed, Not Unemployed Yet

Dear Not Unemployed,

 Let me get this straight – you thought is was okay to give your boss an extra-large girdle and to add insult to injury you did this in front of the entire office. I’m surprised she didn’t fire you on the spot. You pretty much violated every rule of business decorum and even worse you hurt your boss’s feelings. Your gift wasn’t funny it was mean-spirited.

 You need to immediately go and apologize to your boss explaining that in retrospect you realize your gift was out of line and that you in no way meant to hurt her feelings. Then after that groveling episode I would start looking for another job because I have a feeling your boss is never really going to like you – ever. I also suggest taking a class or reading a book about how to get ahead in the work place because you definitely need some help.

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