Yep, It’s an Author Newsletter

Dear Wonderful Humans Who Tolerate Me,

Good lord this is awkward. Here I am doing something that I probably should have been doing oh, I don’t know, a decade ago. But 2022 brought a lot of changes in my “get stuff done list” and coming in at number five was to start treating my writing more like a business and not just a hobby. (Hence all those social media “buy my books” shoutouts.)

One of the things I was told I repeatedly needed to do was an author’s newsletter. Umm, why? I thought because I already have a blog so shouldn’t that suffice? Well, the answer to that was a great big no because I needed “more reader outreach.” 

So, because I’m a little lazy I decided to do an author’s newsletter on my blog – two birds, one stone – what’s not to like? This means you, my friend, are now the lucky (or not so lucky) recipient of my first ever author’s newsletter.

For those of you still reading after that announcement (yeah, not everything can be a Dear Snarky letter) I want to profusely thank everyone who has bought one of my books this year. I had two new books come out. Empty in May and Four Seasons of Snarky in September.

Y’all have been such a great cheering section and your comments and reviews mean the world to me. Like seriously some days when I have zero mojo in the writing department a delightful Amazon review or a comment on social media is what fuels me. (That said, if you haven’t left a review yet, please write one. It makes a humongous difference.) 

With the help of an amazing designer, I also updated all my book covers for the Snarky series which is a most excellent segue to talk about the next Snarky book coming your way in 2023.

As of right this very moment I have more than half of my latest book completed. It’s my very first mystery called Killer Dance Mom. The book features all the characters from the Snarky series which means Wynn Butler – the world’s worst dance mom – ever (based not so loosely on me because I was the dance mom who cried whenever I attempted to rhinestone a costume), has decided that’s she’s going to find out who killed a judge at a national dance competition. I have loved, loved, loved, writing this book and here’s hoping it doesn’t suck.

I’ll be looking for volunteers to read a rough draft of the book. I need readers who know nothing about dance competitions so they can tell me if I went into the weeds too much about dance, people who are dance mom veterans to fact check me and people who are long time mystery fans to tell me if the whodunnit of it all works. Look for the shout out for volunteers later in January. I’ll also be asking for some input on the cover design.

Thanks again to everyone for reading my books, blog and following me on social media. This means you’re family now – you know that – right? Also, remember it’s not late to buy someone a Snarky book for Christmas. For just $9.99 you can give the gift of laughter and sarcasm – now there’s a 2 for 1 that’s hard to ignore.

With abundant love, Sherry (aka Snarky)

P.S. In the end of the year housecleaning department I found some Audible free codes for my book Empty that I forgot to share (Yep, that’s me – businesswoman of the year.) So, I’ve listed the codes below and just first come, first serve yourself.


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