Fall Lust🍁

It’s almost 90 degrees out but I just bought myself two sweaters. Not light weight sweaters, mind you, but bulky cable knit wonders that shout cozy.

Do I need another sweater, never mind two more sweaters? No, but there’s just something about a cable knit that I find life affirming. To me, the first sighting of a cable knit in a store means that fall is on its way, and this makes me feel all kinds of happy.

I’m a hard-core fall aficionado. To me it’s the Goldilocks of seasons – not too hot, not too cold. I’ve never understood people who worship the heat and humidity of an eternal summer.

Moving to Kansas exposed me to the glory of having four distinct seasons and I don’t think I ever want to go back to living where the seasons are hot, hotter, hottest, and, “Oh my God when will this demon heat end?’ 

I find autumn in Kansas magical. All the yards look like bright green frosted cupcakes with leaf sprinkles. I was in my 40s until I discovered the daily delight of kicking leaves with my feet and hearing the symphonic rustling sound of decaying foliage. 

I’m sure anyone seeing me walking my dogs in the fall fears that I could possibly be having a medical emergency as I stop at every collection of leaves on the side of the street and gleefully attempt to do a fan kick without getting the dog leashes wrapped around at least one of my legs.

Then there’s the air. That crisp, glorious air, that has the power to make you feel like a walking Hallmark card – full of uplifting, positive, vibes.

I think perhaps you have to experience a childhood devoid of fall to really appreciate the stellar attributes of the season. I grew up abundantly sweating through the months of September, October, and November. Sure, the perspiration tapered off a bit come Thanksgiving, but you were still having to peel your short clad legs off the stadium bleachers, like bacon in a griddle, during every football game. 

Halloween was the worst. You picked your costumes based on not suffering from heat asphyxiation. I have no doubt the skimpy costume trend was born in Texas and not from someone’s twisted vision to tramp up Halloween but for sheer survival.

Imagine my everlasting joy when my kid’s first Halloween in Kansas involved buying costumes that could provide warmth during a trick-or-treating marathon. This joy was increased when I found myself accompanying my kids wearing a jacket, instead of a tank top and clinical strength deodorant.

Today I found a few leaves, beautiful leaves with tinges of crimson that were gracing my grass. This got me so excited. It’s like a whisper from Mother Nature that good things are coming. Yes, yes, this also means that winter is next up in the queue but for someone who’s discovered a fondness for shoveling driveways that just adds to my happiness quotient.

Now excuse me while I go bake some pumpkin bread.

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