When we make it through the other side of this Covid-19 nightmare I’m hoping future generations won’t look back and say, “What a bunch of idiots.”

Because that’s what I’m thinking right now – idiots. Spoiled, selfish, willfully clueless stooges.

I don’t remember ever being more disappointed in humans. I’m literally going to go running in the streets screaming, while maintaining a safe space six feet distance from other pedestrians, if I hear one more person justify taking their spring break trip in the midst of a pandemic because they had “already paid for it” or “didn’t know it was that bad.”

Are-You-Kidding-Me? You knew it was “that bad” because when the majority of spring breaks happened almost every single college and university in the country had closed down because of the coronavirus. Institutes of higher learning don’t take the unprecedented action of sending more than 20 million students home on a lark. They do it because things are bad, tragically bad.

And that “we already paid for it” argument, well, guess what? The rest of us are now paying for it. It doesn’t matter that you posted on Facebook that you “came home healthy” or your teens are “sunburn and feeling great” because you can have Covid-19 and not know it nor show symptoms and yet you can still spread it with a vengeance. And P.S. as a citizen of the world you should be informed enough to already have this knowledge.

Also, if you have a college aged student that you are supporting financially and you shared on social media that you “can’t tell a 19-year-old to not go on spring break” I’m going to conjecture that the coronavirus might not be your biggest problem.

The fact is the spring breakers knew all this and still chose to go for no better reason than that they wanted to. Damn the science and those pesky guidelines. Those apparently are for other people.

There are friends I’m deeply disappointed with because they’ve been so self-indulgent. Please note these are people I thought were very intelligent who valued science. But I guess science is now something you pick and choose when to believe as befits your lifestyle or spring break travel plans.

If I sound harsh sorry not sorry because I know I’m not alone. There are now therapy websites giving suggestions for how to deal with family and friends that are not following the Center for Disease Control guidelines. #covidiots.

But what about strangers that have chosen being oblivious as their current course of action during this siege? The people who apparently have zero spatial awareness and no compunction about getting within kissing distance of you while in the self-check-out line or the people treating a trip to the grocery store like it’s a family reunion?

Public health officials and grocery stores are pleading with people to only send one person per family. Why is that so hard to understand? The grocery store is not a “fun outing” it’s a tactical Ninja maneuver where you want to avoid people and get in and out as quickly as possible.

And I feel immensely stabby when I still see people still clinging to the “It’s just like the flu. The flu kills more people” mantra. Are these people so brain impaired that they live in a constant state of denial or do they cling to falsehoods in an effort to justify their behavior of doing whatever they damn well please?

While I’m on the topic of denial let’s talk about all the claims of “fake news” or the “hysterical media.” My thoughts on this are if you think the news is fake or the media is blowing the coronavirus out of proportion than check out the World Health Organization or the CDC websites. Also, here’s the deal about throwing around the phrase “fake news” – just because you don’t like the news doesn’t make it fake.

For instance, I’m overweight. That is a fact. Do I like being told that? No. But it doesn’t make the information any less accurate. So, just because you are choosing not to believe the Covid-19 data doesn’t erase its scientific merit and calling it fake doesn’t give you a magical shield of protection it just makes you an egocentric ignoramus. Quite possibly an ignoramus that is not going to follow best practices and result in us being under lockdown well into the summer.

As for the hoarders I can’t go there right now. It’s hurts my heart too much. I currently don’t have the emotional bandwidth to fully digest this level of selfishness.

Perhaps, nothing symbolized to me people’s lack of concern for anyone but themselves more than when I found two used latex gloves in the parking lot of my grocery store. The gloves were by the cart corral and I can only surmise that this gloved person upon returning their cart, took off the gloves and threw them on the pavement because they didn’t need them anymore nor did they want the germ laden gloves in their car.

So, bye-bye gloves and hello some overworked grocery store employee having to pick up your pandemic detritus.

I’m urging everyone, myself very much included, to try to do better so that not only do we come out of this healthy but with a newfound sense of compassion and intelligence that supersedes are own immediate wants and needs.



21 thoughts on “Covidiots

  1. says:

    Great piece, Sherry! Hope you guys are taking good care. Sending lots of love and appreciation. Thank you for being you. With great admiration, Your #1 Fan – the other Sheri

  2. Cynthia says:

    Costco has a list of nonreturnable items which now includes toilet paper, bottled water, sanitizing wipes and disinfecting spray. All the hoarders will have to find a place to store their over-purchased volumes for the next few years.

  3. Lorraine Hveem says:

    Well said, my thoughts exactly last Friday when I had to go to the supermarket. There they were, two young mothers with 5 children, shopping like nothing is going on. Young children running in and out of the line asking mom “Can we get this?” Mom: “No, go put it back.” It took every ounce of me not to speak up and say, why are you all here?

    • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

      I’m doing a daily vlog on my Snarky in the Suburbs Instagram and Facebook accounts and I just told the story of a woman with five kids in Target doing a “scavenger hunt” as a fun activity for her kids. I just about lost my mind in the store.

  4. Kimberly says:

    THANK YOU!! From a fellow Texan who doesn’t buy into “fake news” and the complete disregard for others either…. Love you and love your blog!

  5. Lisa says:

    Someone I know had a cruise booked for a large family/friends group. It was cancelled. So beach front campsites were booked instead. Then they spent the week (rest of the world in isolation) posting fun and fabulous beach front photos and downplaying the virus as an overblown flu. Now that they are all home and the Facebook posts are quoting scripture that reinforces that the world world needs to heal itself. That this is serious and we need to isolate. I don’t usually fall back on the overused SMH but holy crap SMH.

    • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

      Yeah, I’ve seen my share of the spring breakers now acting like they’re doing the Lord’s work by finally staying home. Please, the only reason they are staying home is because everything is closed. That’s the real story.

  6. Lisa k Waller says:

    Amen to all of the above. It’s sobering when people you thought had native intelligence really don’t.

    Some people really don’t understand science even a little bit. Shame on our schools for not requiring more mandatory science courses.
    As a healthcare, it would make my job a bit easier.

    Thank you Snarky. Right on as usual.

  7. irreverendt says:

    I witnessed the same gloves on the parking lot thing and couldn’t help but think about other latex items I have seen. To me, just as obscene. On a par with your “friends’ sun burn.

  8. Betsey Pashayan says:

    Bold, insightful and informed. 1000% agree.
    We’ve taken to a new mantra when we see stories of Corona parties and thousands of people lining the docks to welcome the medical ships to port – “Darwin is calling”.
    Stay safe.

  9. Denise says:

    Thank you for posting this. There was an article in the a Washington Post yesterday about an 18 year old who refused to stop going out to hang with friends even thought his mom had health issues.

  10. Melanie Carter says:

    Awesome Sherry! Thank you for posting this. So many of your Waco friends are definitely in agreement with you.

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