Dear Snarky – A 7 Year-Old Has A Birthday Gift Registry

Dear Snarkyfunny-birthday-quote

Here’s a question for you – since when did kids start registering for birthday party gifts? My 7-year-old son was invited to a party and the email invite included a link to where you could see and buy the gifts for the b’day boy and the cheapest one was $25!

Are you kidding me?! I was so appalled I said something to a group of moms and they looked at me like I was crazy and then one mom told me “that’s the only way to do it and that it’s RUDE to get someone a gift that’s not on their registry.”

I’m I the only mom that thinks this is horrible manners?

Signed, One Mad Mama

Dear Mad Mama,

 Relax, take some deep breaths, it’s all going to be okay. Now on to your question – Yes, a gift registry is a fine and fabulous thing for say wedding or baby shower presents BUT I find it overkill to use one for a kid’s birthday.  To me, it seems like it’s a lesson in greed especially when the gifts selected have a starting price of $25.

 As for the statement that’s it’s rude to go free range and not buy off the registry to that I say “Seriously?” A registry is, at best, only a suggestion it’s not meant to be marching orders nor should you feel bullied if you get a gift that wasn’t registry approved.

 So go ahead and let your 7-year-old enjoy roaming the toy aisle at Target and having the fun of picking out a gift for his friend and if any mom gives you attitude for your non registry present just give her the gift that keeps on giving – the cold shoulder (or the extreme eye roll or even better do both). 😉

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