Dear Snarky – Post Wedding Bridesmaid Dress Drama

Dear Snarky,

My greedy bridesmaids have really hurt my feelings. I had a beautiful wedding on February 12 and because I didn’t want to be a bridezilla I paid for each bridesmaid’s dress. It was my thank you gift to them for being in the wedding.

Last week my mother was doing some online shopping and found all eight bridesmaids posted their dresses on a bridal resale site! WTF?

I sent out a group text telling all of them that they were ungrateful and tacky for selling their bridesmaids dresses and since I paid for the dresses they need to send any money they make to me.

My maid of honor tried to justify what they did and said that it was a group decision and the reason they listed the dresses together was because it’s easier to sell them that way but no one did it to hurt my feelings.

That just made me madder and I sent out more texts and it all kind of blew up with one bridesmaid saying I needed to “calm the F down.”

I want to send each of them a bill for their bridesmaid dress but my husband says to let it go. I don’t think I can because I don’t feel like what I’m doing is wrong.

Signed, Bitter Bride

Dear Bitter,

Listen to your brand new husband because you are all kinds of wrong. You said that the bridesmaids’ dresses were a gift. Once you give a gift you no longer have any control over how it is used. Your bridesmaids are free to do whatever they want with the gift even if it includes selling their dresses.

I’m also sure your bridesmaids accrued expenses being in the wedding from shower gifts to throwing you a bachelorette party. Selling a dress they’re never going to wear again (Trust me almost no one repurposes their bridesmaid dress. It just takes up permanent residence in the closest.) could be a way to recoup some of that money.

I understand you feeling a little disappointed that your friends aren’t going to hold onto their dresses as a memento of your “special day,” but it was “your day” not theirs and they don’t have the same emotional attachment to a bridesmaid dress.

What you need to do is get back on that group text and profusely apologize for freaking out over the dresses citing post wedding exhaustion for your behavior. You then need to work on repairing your friendships with the women that meant so much to you that you asked them to be in your wedding. No dress drama is worth losing eight friends over.

P.S. Your mom should have kept her mouth shut when she saw the dresses for sale and kept on scrolling. #potstirrer

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