Dear Snarky – Help, I Work With Slobs!

Dear Snarky,

I work for a super hip company that has no dress c0e76277b18840f2a65e83f12d2daecc4--office-humor-work-humorode and everyday I’m literally picking my jaw up from the floor when I see what people wear to work. There’s men and women with wet hair. There’s disgusting feet in flip-flops in the middle of winter. More than half of the work force looks like they’re wearing their pajamas and haven’t bathed in days. The smell is so ripe sometimes I feel nauseous. I like my job – a lot – so I need some advice in how to get past working with slobs.

 Signed, Grossed Out at the Office

Dear Grossed Out,

 Ugh, I feel your pain. Grooming is not what it used to be. I totally blame casual Friday which gave birth to no deodorant Monday and free-range foot fungus Thursday. Since you like your job your only recourse is to learn how to accept those things you cannot change.

There’s not a polite way to tell someone they reek nor; can you ask a co-worker to please consider wearing something other than their Star Wars pajama collection. All you can do is be beacon of sanity by continuing to dress like an adult and being a champion of showers, deodorant, and toothpaste.

Take heart some of this will rub off on your co-workers. Every office needs a leader and you, my friend, you hopefully guide others into the fabulous and exciting world of adulting.

P.S. in the meanwhile you can deal with the noxious office B.O. by putting Vick’s Vapor rub under your nostrils. It’s probably best you don’t ask me how I know this.

6 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – Help, I Work With Slobs!

  1. Elliot Young says:

    I had this problem once. I just brought bottles of Febreze and sprayed the chairs and desks of people who smelled, or up in the air as they walked by. Some eventually got the message and started better hygiene practices. Others maintained their person cesspools.

    • Bobbi says:

      I literally had to deal with one of our maintenance people after several staff complained. I ended up sending a notice that “we know some jobs are hard work and result in…” and to be mindful of our co-workers we have umplented a freshening station (not sure what we called it) complete with cleansing wipes/soap/deoderants/etc. It did stop the complaints. Not sure if he used it or got the message…

  2. Rachel M. says:

    I think your answer is off, just this once. Since the problem is effecting the writer’s job performance, and it’s company-wide, she should mention it to HR, or a supervisor. Perhaps set up a mild dress code, of the bare minimum, just to get by. That doesn’t sound like a work-place environment, it sounds like middle school.

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