Dear Snarky – The Case of the Lifestyle Stalker

 Dear Snarky,de40a8f35bfc8cbe84601905da22c982

I have a friend I’m seriously considering sending a bill to for interior design. It’s either that or I’m never going to talk to her ever again. For three years, I have been planning my dream kitchen. I have the cabinets, flooring, fixtures and even the art picked out which are paintings of a beach in Maine where my family took vacations when I was a child.

 Imagine my disbelief when I go to my friend’s house to see her new kitchen and discover she copied everything I had posted on Pinterest down to the beach paintings. I literally started crying. I asked her why she stole my kitchen and at first she acted all innocent and then said that if it was a secret I shouldn’t have put it on social media.

A week later I’m still angry and hurt. Do you think I should send her a bill to get the point across that she ripped off my kitchen?

 Signed, Devastated

Dear Devastated,

Sure, I could go all imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and tell you to take the kitchen copy catting as a compliment, but when I got to the part in the letter where this “friend” bought the beach paintings from your beloved childhood vacation destination I was like, “Oh no, she didn’t.”

The whole thing, quite frankly, is creeping me out, like Lifetime movie of the week creeping me out where the woman first copies your kitchen and then frames you for murder so she can steal your husband and take over your life.

That rant aside, I wouldn’t waste my energy sending this loon a bill for services rendered for kitchen design. Instead I would distance myself – pronto- from this lifestyle stalker. And in the future, I would go old school and keep my home remodeling plans private – just because you never know who’s watching.


9 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – The Case of the Lifestyle Stalker

  1. Bethie says:

    Run do not walk away from that “friend.” At best she suffers from low esteem and copied you because she has no confidence in her design taste. At worst she’s going to kill you in your sleep.

  2. Eastcoastgal says:

    Run from the creepy copy cat ex-friend. Unfriend and block her on all your social media. Keep your remodel ideas to yourself until you are ready to do the big reveal after you do your remodel.
    You could still use the pictures you wanted but use different matting and frames. Take your design in a different direction ie; different colors, different fixtures. Own it like the boss you are. If anyone says anything about using the same pictures, tell them they were from your family vacations and you didn’t notice that Frumpy had used the same pics as you.

  3. Normal Mom says:

    If only one element had been copied, like, say, the cabinets, she would get a pass. But the whole thing? CREEPY. Sorry the original poster had to go through this.

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