Dear Snarky – I Think My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me With His New Hair Stylist

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I think my boyfriend (of almost five months) is cheating on me with his hair stylist. About 2 months ago he started going to one of those men’s only hair salons where the stylists are women who dress all skanky. Soon after that I noticed he was getting texts from a woman he claimed was his stylist and that they were just talking about his hair.

I let it go for a couple of weeks, but now he’s getting his hair cut a lot, like every couple of days, and the texts aren’t stopping. I’ve confronted him, but he insists it’s no big deal. He’s cheated on me before so it’s hard for me to believe him.

Do I let it go or start spying on his hair appointments?

Signed, Suspicious

Dear Suspicious,

I’m curious that you see your only two choices as either believing your boyfriend or spying on him. May I introduce a third alternative – dumping him.

If in your brief relationship your boyfriend has already cheated thus leaving you with zero trust in anything he tells you then it’s time to grab some scissors and give this relationship a trim. I’d advise cutting him out of your life altogether.

Unless you love drama AND being miserable AND you consider a good time stalking your significant other while he may or may not be getting his hair cut. If that’s what floats your boat than by all means continue this relationship and embrace the misery it will bring.

Otherwise, end it and move on.

Also, as a shout out to all the amazing hair stylists out there – most are way too busy, have way too much good sense and taste than to initiate a relationship with a client. The problem is not the hair stylist. It’s you and your boyfriend.

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12 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – I Think My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me With His New Hair Stylist

  1. Becca says:

    I’ve had a couple of girlfriends who were this stupid. If my boyfriend was getting his hair cut a couple of times a week I would 1) be insulted that he thought I was that big of an idiot and 2) I would take Snarky’s advice and dump him asap!

    • AthenaC says:

      Depending on how I was feeling, I would either do #2 or #3 – suddenly go get bikini waxes every 2-3 days from some hot male aesthetician. Hey, my pants were off anyway, sooo ….

  2. texashomeschooler says:

    Ok, first of all, this has nothing to do with you and EVERYTHING to do with his character! If he’s cheated before, why are you still with him? Do you think there is something special about you that will make someone of poor moral fabric all of a sudden behave properly? Get out! We have a friend who has been married a couple of times and been through umpteen girlfriends and every relationship has ended with him cheating! I just so desperately want to message the latest girlfriend and tell her! I know you feel special now but you have no idea what’s rolling down the river! Get out while your heart is still intact! Even a Jesus conversion won’t fix this!

  3. Salon Owner for 20 Years says:

    In defense of all the hair stylists out there let me say that this piece of crap boyfriend is probably telling his girlfriend that it’s his stylists texting him and that he’s getting his hair cut when in reality he could be hooking up with someone he met online. Snarky is right hair stylists that want to stay in business don’t have random sex with their customers.

  4. Kaylee says:

    I have the same situation, except my boyfriend right now didn’t cheat on me, he cheated on his ex years ago. I hate the gut feeling that something might be up and trust me I’ve found out that his hairstylist that he has now, that the two of them have had a couple of cuddling sessions, so it doesn’t sit well with me. Especially since she did a haircut at her place, and I feel like something happened there because he got dressed up for a haircut, and also I’m scared of knowing the truth because I see myself marrying him. And ever since he went over to her house to get this haircut, he’s been different. Like turning his phone away so I can’t see or messaging her constantly more then he used. I just don’t know what to do!

      • Kaylee says:

        It’s just weird! And I feel like it’s disrespectful to be around someone you used to have sex with and fool around with. It just doesn’t sit well with me and he is such a hypocrite about it. Like he gets mad if I have guy friends that ask me how things are and it’s totally harmless but he thinks otherwise.

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