Dear Snarky – Go Fund Me Is Ruining Our Family

Dear Sndear_snarky_logoarky,

My sister is embarrassing the entire family! She’s addicted to setting up Go Fund Me accounts. So, far she’s set up accounts for raising money to get a new dog to help her kids “deal with grief.” She’s also done one for a trip to Disney World and her latest Go Fund Me is asking for donations to buy a new car so her family has “safe and reliable transportation.” Are you kidding me? She already has a nice car.

My other three sisters and I told her that if she got a job she could afford all these things without a Go Fund Me page. That’s when she said her job is Go Fund Me! On top on that she’s sending Facebook messages, tweets and emails asking everyone we know to go to her Go Fund Me page, including my boss!!!! Is there anyway we can stop her? It’s so humiliating watching her shake down people for donations.

Signed, So Embarrassed

Dear Embarrassed,

 Legally I don’t think you can send your sister a Go Fund Me cease and desist letter, but I urge your family to stage an intervention. Sit your sister down and tell her there are better ways to get money than asking family, friends, friends of family for a hand out and that Go Fund Me begging is not really a career choice. Also, explain that if she keeps on using your social media friend base as her source for funds you’re going to block her from all your  accounts. In fact, you might want to do that right now.

 Then you need to ask her if anything besides greed is driving her. Is this a cry for help? Is everything okay at home? Basically does she get a high from Go Fund Me.  See what she says or doesn’t say and then gather your sisters around and draw up a plan of action to help your sister help herself. Lastly, don’t be that embarrassed. We all have family members who do things that make us cringe and want to change our last name. Basically welcome to the club.