New Year’s Eve Envy

dear_snarky_logoDear Snarky,

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a decent New Year’s Eve. I’m a mom to three kids. The youngest is six and after we had our third child my husband and I just quit going out on New Year’s. Now, I feel like a loser because I will probably spend New Year’s Eve checking Facebook and Instagram and seeing everyone but me having an amazing time. Meanwhile my husband will have fallen asleep on the couch while watching a bowl game. Can you say not any fun?

Any advice to get me out of my New Year’s pity party?

Signed, Lamest New Year’s Ever

Dear Lame,

You’re not going to like what I’m about to tell you but here it is – Grow up! You are not in high school anymore or college where not being invited to the Phi Delt New Year’s mixer is an excuse for a good cry. You’re a grown women with children AND based on the age of your kids let me tell you something December 31 doesn’t matter. For any mother with kids over the age of five the official New Year’s Eve is the night before school starts. That’s when your new year is beginning; new rules, new schedule, new hopes etc.  In addition I’m going to give you the exact same advice I told my 13-year-old. Put down your phone. Start living your life and quit watching others live theirs through a series of pictures resplendent with various forms of image and truth manipulation.

When the clock strikes midnight kiss your sleeping husband and your kids and give thanks for the gift of a new year. Too me that sounds like a perfect party.

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15 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Envy

  1. Vail says:

    You can still have a party at home with the kids, if it’s just fun you want. If you want to PARTY then you need to find a babysitter and just go! If you have relatives who can sit, and have no plans then nail ’em down! Even if it’s just an excuse to dress up and go to dinner with the hubby just go! If you don’t have the cash for a babysitter, then plan a family fun night and pop popcorn, pig out and dance with your kids. By the time they crash you’ll be worn out too, and cuddling up to the hubby would be nice.

  2. Tonya says:

    Every year we get together with friends that also have children & we have a pajama party. Everyone comes in their pj’s, we eat, play Wii or other games, karaoke can also be fun. You don’t have to go out to have a good time, you just have to plan something fun to do if you don’t want to just sit around. Even if you just stay home with your family you can still have fun together.

  3. T says:

    I used to make homemade confetti (the kind I knew wouldn’t clog the sweeper) with the kids and have to wake them up at midnight to throw it! Now my kids are older, and I’ll most likely be asleep before the big ball drops. : )

  4. Ida Northcott says:

    My goodness! Who in their right mind wants to go out on New Year’s Eve once you have kids? Invite your closest friends and their kids and throw a ball watching party in your own house! Have the kids do the decorating. Play fun team games that the kids can help win. (Charades?) Make memories with your kids! Way more fun then spending a small fortune on tickets to some boring party where all you do is drink, don’t know anyone and end up drunk and hurting in the morning.

  5. Na says:

    When my kids were younger we always let them have friends over, have a bon fire out in the fire pit, grilled, and had sparkling white grape juice in wine glasses! Kids loved it and would always tell everyone they had bubbly juice for New Years at our house! Stay up and watched the ball drop and the kids drop! What a blast to create new traditions with your little ones.

  6. Pam says:

    You could always think about all the hassle you avoided by staying home…no crowds,no freezing temps, $$ for sitter, no wishing you had lost those 10 ponds to fit into that fancy dinner dress….

    or…while hubby and kids sleep, you can go around the neighborhood pranking everyone…also free 😉

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