Dear Snarky – Office Desk Drama

Dear Snarky,

I think I have been the victim of wrongful disciplinary action at work. In fact, the person who was in the wrong didn’t get in trouble at all. This has left me very angry.

Due to the pandemic all the employees where I work are only coming in one day a week in staggered days. The rest of the time it’s WFH. I had noticed that when I did come in to work someone had been sitting at my desk. It also looked like they had been eating at my desk because I noticed some crumbs. I left a big note on my desk that said DO NOT SIT HERE – EVER.

Unfortunately, that didn’t solve the problem. Every week when I came to work for my one day I would still see small signs that someone had been at my desk. This led me to putting a security camera on my computer monitor to catch who was sitting there.

Then because I got so mad when I found out that some random intern was sitting at my desk I did a TikTok about it and that’s when I got into trouble at work. It’s not even like I showed the person’s face but whatever. I’m just confused why the intern didn’t get bounced and I, the actual employee, am now on probation.

Do you think I should say something? I’m still reeling from what happened.

Signed, It’s My Desk

Dear Desk,

I’m going to start with your letter signature. You need to acknowledge that it’s not your desk. It’s your employer’s desk. Just like the computer sitting on your desk is company owned.

I would have assumed that since you’re only going into work one day a week that anything that was special or personal would have been taken off your desk and moved to your work from home environment. I say this because I’m having a great deal of trouble wrapping my head around what I think is an unnatural attachment to a desk you, at best, use four times a month.

I do understand that crumbs on your desk would be aggravating but I don’t think I would have freaked out to the level of using a security camera to monitor who was sitting there. Also, once you found out it was an intern, common sense should have dictated a much different response.

It’s an intern who probably doesn’t know where to sit and I’m sure since this intern doesn’t know you no malice was intended. They just needed a place to work. As for doing a TikTok (sigh) that was the act of a very immature person.

Instead of wanting to rage at management I would profusely apologize and admit that you overreacted. The way I see it with the security camera nonsense and the social media behavior you’re very lucky to still have a job. I suggest moving forward that you do everything you can to prove that you’re better than your past behavior.

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