Dear Snarky – Should I Go to H.R. About my creepy boss?

Dear Snarky,

I feel like I have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. My problem is that my married boss is fooling around with a very young co-worker (also one of his direct reports) who I happen to be friends with. She has told me in detail, and several other women who work at the company, about what is going on and the many promises he has made to her about getting ahead in the company. Apparently, he’s promised her a significant promotion if she goes out-of-town with him. 

The devil on my shoulder is telling me to report our boss to HR which has zero tolerance for this kind of behavior (I swear we have about 6 sexual harassment seminars a year.) but the angel is saying stay out of it. I even asked my mother what to do and she said let Karma handle it. I say F Karma. In my opinion that whole Karma thing is just code for you’re too lame to stand up to someone. 

I really want to shut this down but I’m afraid to hurt my friend’s career and TBH I also don’t want to hurt my career. 

Signed, Confused and Fearful

Dear Confused,

You’ve got a lot on your shoulders and I’m worried it’s messing with your hearing.

I think the angel is telling you to absolutely report your creepy boss who is one hundred percent sexually harassing his subordinate with promises of a promotion if she goes out-of-town with him. Then there’s the whole boss dating a subordinate (married or unmarried it doesn’t matter. Married just makes it more repugnant) which is also a workplace violation.

The devil meanwhile is whispering to you to do nothing and let your gross boss continue his heinous campaign of sexual misconduct. 

I would go to H.R. (and ask the other women that know what’s going on if they want to come with you) and tell them what you’ve witnessed and what you’ve been told. That’s not being a busybody. It’s doing the right thing. As for your career being jeopardized for coming forward – if that happens you have grounds for a lawsuit. And with a company that has six sexual harassment seminars a year you can bet that they know that.

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