Dear Snarky – I Want to Expose School Cheaters

Dear Snarky,

I ‘m OUTRAGED!  I’m friends with a mom who yesterday bragged to me over text that her son “aced all his AP exams.” Then she proceeded to tell me that he cheated – big time.

Our high school is virtual right now and this mom with literally no embarrassment told me that her oldest son who is pre-med and majoring in math at college took her high school son’s AP Calculus and AP Physics final exams in December.

Meanwhile, my daughter who is in the same class as the cheater took the same exams and did okay but she sure didn’t ace them.

I want to show the school the text this mom sent me and get this kid’s grades at the very least changed or make him re-take the final in person, at school with a proctor.

My daughter is 100 percent against me doing anything. She says it’s the schools fault for be so “tech lazy” that they make it easy for kids to cheat.

I’m really, really angry and feel like I need to let the school know what’s going on because it’s so unfair to the kids like my daughter who aren’t cheating or don’t have smart siblings that can take their AP exams.

What’s your advice?

Signed, One Pissed off Mom

Dear Pissed, Off,

I would definitely let the school know because if they are in your daughter’s words “tech lazy” they need to get their asses in gear before second semester final exams roll around.

To shield your daughter from any student drama or recriminations I would not tell the school the mother or son’s identity. I would be vague as in you know that there were college siblings that took their high school brothers and sisters finals. I would also tell the principal that the students see the school as being so backwards in their virtual testing that kids feel embolden to cheat.

I know you’re thinking “bull shit Snarky on that advice” because you want to expose these cheaters but really all you would be doing is making your daughter’s life m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e if it came out that you were the one that named names. I advise you without hesitation to put your daughter’s emotional well-being first.

Now, this sounds Pollyanna BUT the bottom line is that to take the national AP Exam in the late spring that is administer by the College Board these kids are going to have to know the material so they are right now only cheating themselves. (Yes, I’m aware that sentence is very dated but it still holds true.)

Cheating is a HUGE character flaw so please take solace in the fact that you are raising a child who doesn’t cheat. As for the mom who is proud and even boastful of her cheating sons well that tells you a whole lot about that family and none of it is good. I would certainly reconsider your friendship with this woman moving forward.

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13 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – I Want to Expose School Cheaters

  1. DCollins says:

    Agree completely Snarky. The Spring Proctored final AP exam will show this student’s true knowledge of the information.
    And since most schools have a no cheating policy it definitely should be brought up to the school that cheating is occurring.

  2. Scott B says:

    I didn’t realize or don’t understand AP enough. I was thinking this was actually the “results” that would be used for college. If that was the case, I was thinking (as a former engineering student) of how awful it would be to test out of math or physics without actually having the pre-requisite knowledge. Maybe as “pre-med” that wouldn’t be an issue, but if the student changed course and wanted to do some sort of STEM field and took the next level classes (using their AP credit to skip the into classes) they potentially have sunk themselves. They’d be buried with no ability to recover.

    • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

      This was an end of semester final given by the teachers in the respective classes it was NOT the actual AP Exam which happens in the late spring. I know it’s confusing since the mom called in an exam. The older brother that took the final is pre-med in college. The younger brother is still in high school, of course and therefore doesn’t have a college major.

  3. Snarky.Socratic.Scribe says:

    I also didn’t understand the significant difference between fall AP and spring AP exams. But I did get spooked at the idea of someone test-cheating out of crucial prerequisites and then going on to become my physician or surgeon!

  4. bunniesandkids says:

    My first thought, too! And, I thought colleges were doing away with entrance exams, because the exams “aren’t fair to everyone” &/or the Wuhan virus. And, if my kids were still in high school, I would seriously consider not sending them to college.

  5. Marge says:

    It’s been … a hot minute since I’ve taken an AP exam, but I thought they were only once a year and heavily proctored? Maybe the boy’s mom is mistaken?

  6. Lou says:

    It’s sad how often this is happening… I was at a picnic this summer where parents were bragging about taking their kids’ final exams because the kids were “too stressed.”

  7. bemuse says:

    My daughter tells me often of her rich college friends who pay others to write their papers and take tests or cheat (for example her friend cheated on their final bio exam got caught but got to take it again(I’m not kidding!!!) and got a B in the class my daughter got a c in the class it’s really fucked up

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