Dear Snarky – The Super Bowl Ruined My Super Proposal

Dear Snarky,

 The Super Bowl ruined my engagement and I don’t know what to do about it. My boyfriend of almost two years had planned to ask me to marry him during the Super Bowl. It wasn’t going to be a surprise or anything because we had talked about it a lot and made plans. I even had a cute hashtag for it. I was going to use #SuperProposal.

 While we were watching the game with thousands of other fans in downtown Kansas City he started to get weird and then after the third quarter he told me that the Chiefs losing by 10 points was a sign that we shouldn’t get married. Then after the fourth quarter interception by the 49’ers he left me, like he disappeared from the party zone.

 While everyone was celebrating the Chiefs win, I was standing in the crowd crying because I wasn’t engaged, and I was all alone. My mom says I should cut my boyfriend some slack because “sports can make guys do weird things.” I’m thinking I shouldn’t let him off that easy. What do you think I should do?

 Signed, #noproposal

Dear No Proposal,

 You need to make like Mahomes and throw this guy about 40 yards because here’s a hash tag for you #YourBoyfriendIsAloser. First and foremost, the fact that he gave up on his team in the 3rd quarter speaks to a total lack of character.

 And using the Chiefs being down by 10 points as an excuse to call off the proposal is beyond childish. If this dude was getting cold feet about the proposal he should have manned up and said so and not blamed it on a football score. And trust me if he used that as a reason to not propose he DID NOT want to get engaged.

 Lastly and much more importantly, it is outrageous and unforgivable that this man/child disappeared into the crowd and left you and shame on your mom for making excuses for him. If some guy pulled this on my daughter he would be dropped kicked.

 If you marry this dolt it will result in #SuperMisery. Marriage is hard and you will endure many sad and challenging situations like a death in the family, financial problems and parenting issues. If this guy ghosted you due to a Super Bowl score then there is no way in hell he’s ready to be a husband.

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7 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – The Super Bowl Ruined My Super Proposal

  1. Steph says:

    Where to start?? First, you planned this big showy proposal…not sure I even see the point except to set you up for disappointment. Second, said disappointment. He went along with this plan, then backed out at the last minute leaving you alone, humiliated and sad. Does that sound like someone you want to marry? If he were having doubts, he should have talked to you, like an adult. Sounds like he’s not ready…I’d cut him loose.

  2. Rachel says:

    “Marriage is hard and you will endure many sad and challenging situations like a death in the family, financial problems and parenting issues.” This!! You need a rock solid life partner you can count on to be there when the going gets tough, because it WILL get tough.

  3. Emelle says:

    I had a long-term boyfriend whose happiness was on or off based on the outcome of his school’s football game. After a particularly brutal loss, he stayed home to pout and I went out with friends. I ran into a guy from college I had had a HUGE crush on. Long story short, Crush and I have been happily married for 30+ years!


  4. JHawkFan says:

    I’m a huge sports fan, none bigger than my Jayhawks basketball team. I had planned to do the dorky hold up a sign at the Final 4 proposal in 1997 when KU was destined to win a national championship. Unfortunately, they lost to Arizona that year and ruined my plans (no Final 4). Normally (at that age) the Jayhawks losing would get me down for a few days. And this year they “ruined” my proposal plans. What did I do? I proposed the day of the loss to my wife, spontaneously. I told her that if I can be so happy being with her on a day that normally would put me in a funk, it was meant to be. And it was. We’ve had tough days like all married folks, but I’m still happy 22+ years later. 🙂 This girl should not even give a 2nd thought to dumping that loser. Who abandons their girlfriend/fiance/wife like that. Shame on her mom.

    And never give up on Mahomes and the Chiefs!!! 🙂

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