Dear Snarky – Pool Pirrarah

Dear Snarky,

 I need your help getting back at a friend who pulled what I consider a pretty mean stunt. Last week I had 4 girlfriends and their kids come over for a low-key pool party. Before anyone got in the pool one of these friends pulled out something called a water quality meter put it in the water and then announced that my pool flunked.

Of course, everyone freaked out and wouldn’t get in my pool. I got out my own pool testing kit and everything was fine. I also told everyone that we had a pool company that maintained the pool and they always do a great job. Our pool is beautiful. But the damage was already done and no one would go swimming. It was so embarrassing.

 I’m hurt and confused as to why a friend would do this to me and I want to get back at her. Any suggestions?

 Signed, Perfect Pool

Dear Pool,

 My suggestion is simple. Dump this human – because she for sure is not your friend – from your zone of contact. Don’t waste a second “getting back at her.”  She’s not worth the effort and quite frankly she sounds disturbed. What kind of “friend” brings a water quality meter to another friend’s house and then stages a dramatic scene of “your pool is contaminated.”

 Just for a second let’s give this person the benefit of the doubt that your pool is gross – well if that’s the case she just should have declined your invitation and not descended on your home like a CDC inspector searching for the Ebola virus.

 I also take exception to the other women at the pool party that didn’t stand up for you especially after you performed our own pool test and it came out fine. Someone should have had your back. Do yourself a HUGE favor and make some new friends and throw another pool party that is free of water logged drama.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – Pool Pirrarah

    • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

      To be honest I approach every letter like it’s someone messing with me. So, I try to do my due diligence and by that I mean google. There are actual pool test strips and meters you can buy to do a presto check on a pool (Amazon). When I talked about the letter with a couple of friends one told me she had witnessed a woman pull out a test strip at a public pool. Now, the public pool thing I can understand BUT to do that to a “friend is just wrong. As I stated in the letter if you’re that afraid of your friend’s pool just decline the invite.

  1. Kimberly says:

    Just WOW. Snarky-your advice is spot on. I am angry at all of these so-called “friends”…and I wasn’t present at the pool party. I’d rather be alone with my children than spend one more second with these humans!

  2. Janelle Anderson says:

    A chlorinated pool SHOULD fail a water quality test. It’s full of chlorine. I wonder if the guest was using a measure for drinking water and then holding a chlorinated pool to those standards?

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