Dear Snarky – Does Wingman Duty Include Pretending to Be Married?

Dear Snarky,

My girl friends and I like to go to the bars a couple of times a month. I usually act as my best friends “wingman” and help introduce her to guys. Last week, she asked if I would start wearing a wedding ring, when we hit the bars. (I’m not married or even really dating anyone seriously.) Her reasoning was that if guys thought I was married than I would be a better wingman because the ring would make me approachable yet still off-limits.

 I don’t know what to make of this. I’m not into picking up guys at bars so I have no problem being a wingman for a friend. But wearing a wedding ring when I’m not married not only seems wrong I feel like I could be jinxing myself from getting married.

 Am I overreacting by saying no to my friend? Please help.

 Signed, Confused

Dear Confused,

 You are not overreacting by saying no to pretending to be married. Seriously, how desperate is your friend? And I don’t know a lot about being a wingman, but I think wearing a phony wedding ring goes above and beyond the call of duty for that job description.

 As for the jinx thing – throw that out that window. Here’s some AMAA for you – Advanced Maternal Age Advice. The world is very small. What happens if you’re wearing your fake wedding ring at a bar and you ran into someone you work with or a friend of your family or even your boss and all of sudden you’re faced with the awkward explanation of why you’re pretending to be married?

Trust me you don’t not want to go there. At best people will think it’s weird and worst case scenario “you be crazy.” I don’t think any friendship is worth you sacrificing your credibility and a true friend would never ask you to do that. 

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4 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – Does Wingman Duty Include Pretending to Be Married?

  1. Maria says:

    Here’s some advice – find a new best friend. No one should be so insecure that they need their friend to pretend they’re married.

  2. Pam says:

    or…your friend could quit trying to find guys in a bar….
    why does the mixture of loud music, cheap beer and dim lighting make people think that is a good way to meet someone and get to know them?
    Join a club, start a new hobby, take a night class….
    Then you don’t need a wing man to watch your drink, watch your back and watch you never meet the right guy…

    • B Dubs says:

      I work at a very nice, upscale bar and people do still go to bars to meet people. It’s not a pick up joint. I think of it more like a cocktail party where people engage in conversation and maybe find an attraction.To me that’s a lot better than swiping left or right on your phone.

  3. Jeanine says:

    I’m thinking wearing a wedding ring could “jinx” you from getting married. What if “the one” sees you and is interested in meeting you, then sees the ring and, like a gentleman, backs off?

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