Dear Snarky – Poop Problems

Dear Snarky,

 What should I do? My neighbor has not one but THREE dogs. I know what you are thinking, “Oh, they probably bark a lot!” No, they POOP a lot and in my backyard too! The neighbor just lets them run free, do their business and come back inside.

 Nope, she is not out there watching if they go number 2 or not. Now, my backyard is a minefield of doggy doo. It seems like collecting the piles and leaving them on her doorstep would not be neighborly. What would you do?

 Sincerely, Steaming Mad

 PS- I don’t hate dogs, I have two of them myself. I just hate the inconsiderate humans that manage them.

Dear Steaming,

 Ugh, it’s a tale as old as time – people not policing their dog’s poop. And this is even worse because you know it’s a neighbor who is so flagrantly flaunting, in your very face, her “I don’t care attitude” in regards to decent behavior.

 This is why I feel you have to deploy the nuclear option – public shaming. Yep, you need to create a sign and put it up in your backyard for several days so your neighbor can’t help but see it. The sign should say:  “I know whose 3 dogs are using my yard as their bathroom and as a neighborhood courtesy you need to pick up after your dogs.”

 This will do three things – all positive.

 1) Start a neighborhood conversation about dog poop picking up.

2) Put any non dog poop picker upper on high alert 

3) Let your neighbor know that you’re on to her and it needs to stop.

 Now, you might be saying – “Yikes, this seems harsh.” But if your neighbor wanted to be your friend, or had even the slightest good manners, she wouldn’t have let her dogs daily abuse use your yard by making it a public toilet. It’s time, in this situation, for you to poop or get off the pot.    

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