Dear Snarky – My Co-Worker Won’t Quit Singing

Dear Snarky,

 I’m about to lose my mind. I work with a woman who sings or hums constantly! If she’s sitting at her desk she’s humming. When she’s walking around she’s singing everything from show tunes to Taylor Swift. It seems to get worse when The Voice is airing because it’s as if she’s showing off or waiting for someone to tell her she has talent or something.

 I work for a large company and our office is basically a cubicle farm and I’m not the only one she’s driving crazy. It’s pretty much all anyone talks about and yes we have asked her to be quiet. Her reply was “a lot of people like my singing.” Don’t tell me to wear headphones because that’s not allowed.

What can we do to shut this woman up? I’m about to need anti-anxiety meds to deal with the situation.

 Signed, Stop Singing,

Dear Stop,

Yikes! That would also drive me crazy, like fingernails on a chalkboard crazy. Since you mentioned that you work for a large company I suggest visiting human resources ASAP, but go prepared. Keep a diary of your co-worker’s singing/humming for one week and to back it up I would record some of this woman’s greatest hits.

This way when you walk into human resources, with at least two other co-workers so you don’t look like a grump, corporate can’t assume you’re exaggerating or are just sensitive to sounds because you’ll have proof.  I don’t care if someone is Taylor Swift no one wants to hear anyone singing or humming on a constant loop. It’s beyond rude, smacks of zero home training and speaks to an abundant and needy ego.

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7 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – My Co-Worker Won’t Quit Singing

  1. William says:

    Almost the exact same thing happened at my company. We finally had to get mean and tell this lady to cut it out. Polite didn’t work. Good luck. It was annoying as hell.

  2. loptastic says:

    Ear plugs were my best friend in a similiar work environment. They even come in fun colors now! You could always have them shipped to your office, if allowed, and make a big show of opening your package.

  3. texashomeschooler says:

    Since it’s a cubicle farm and driving everyone nuts, how about plan a flash mob on her. Have someone be the starter for when she starts singing and embarrass the daylights out of her with “we try to do our work, yet we can’t! Your singing injures our industry! STOP! In the name of love! Before you break our hearts!” 😂

  4. Lorraine Hveem says:

    A woman was singing in a dressing room at Ross. It was driving me nuts! I just kept saying “Please, make it stop!” Unfortunately, she couldn’t hear me over her singing.

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