Dear Snarky – I Was Called A Bully At The Pediatrician’s Office

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Last week I took my child to his pediatrician for his well child check up. As we were waiting for the doctor this one mother, who was staring at her phone the entire time, allowed her very sick child, who seemed to be about 5 or 6, wander the waiting room snoting, coughing and sneezing over pretty much every square inch.

Finally, I had enough and I asked the mom to please keep her child from contaminating the waiting room. Well, she didn’t do that, but she did get up and tell the receptionist that I was “bullying her”!!!!! WTH?

 Her claims went all the way to pediatrician, who has known me for almost a decade, and he gave me a lecture about “courtesy.” I’m livid! Do you think I should change pediatricians or just take it because this doctor is one of the best in town?

 Signed, Devastated

Dear Devastated,

 Since I wasn’t there I don’t know if you were doing a polite, “You Hoo” to the mother of Typhoid Mary or if you were a shrew to an exhausted mom of a sick kid. That said I’m going to give both of you a pass and point my finger at the pediatrician office. 

1) They should have clearly defined sick kid and well kid parts of their waiting room or at the very least signage telling parents to corral their germs. 2) If my pediatrician, who has known my family for 10 years, attempted to give me a lecture on courtesy I would not go back. Because 3) the doctor should have a better trained staff that handles patient issues more delicately and doesn’t go tattle to the doctor about two moms having some issues in the waiting room. And finally the doctor’s focus should be on your child’s health not reprimanding you in front of your kid about an issue that is not related to the reason you have an appointment.

Maybe his practice needs to focus more on the spread of infectious diseases in his waiting room and less on scolding parents. Anyway you slice it – the way this was handled points to a pediatric team I wouldn’t want as my child’s trusted health partner. Do not walk, but run to a new doctor.

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