Dear Snarky – What Can I Do About the Slackers At the Gym?

dear_snarky_logo-1Dear Snarky,

 I’m a gym rat and I hate January because all the slackers come out of the woodwork and pretty much ruin the gym. Hello, how hard is it to wipe down the equipment and not expel gas in public? Do you have any helpful hints for how I can  handle these situations for the next month until the gym newbies give up and go off and eat their Valentine’s Day candy?

 Signed, Serious About My Workout

Dear Serious,

 Is it wrong that I want you to fall off a treadmill and get a 10 pound kettle bell to the face? You, “gym rat” are what makes a lot of fitness centers suck. Instead of being a gigantic, judgmental ass why don’t you use your “rat” talents and help newcomers to the gym learn the rules such as wiping down equipment and wear to find the supplies to do the job.

 Because here’s what happens when you think you’re the only one good enough to be at the gym – it closes. Fitness centers have some of the highest business failure rates in the country. If you want to keep on being at your gym then it’s going to need new members to survive.

Your crappy attitude towards so-called “newbies” is going to make them go somewhere more welcoming and before you know it your gym is going to be out of business and you’ll be stuck with a 12 month membership that is worthless.

So, my suggestion, jerk face, is that you change your gym game and attempt to make every new member feel welcome.

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8 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – What Can I Do About the Slackers At the Gym?

  1. Also a Gym Rat says:

    Way to go Snarky! I would call myself a gym rat and January is a horrible time at the gym because of the flood of new people, but instead of being a jerk I try to help people find their way with the equipment etc. My reason for that is because once I was a “newbie” that weighed almost 300 lbs and going to the gym saved my life. I remember the stares and looks I got for being the fatty at the gym and I just kept my head down and tried my best. Now, I’m paying it forward.

  2. BJ says:

    I am a newbie/old gym gym rat so I can see both sides. I just recently went back, in November, to start getting back in shape. Some of us gym rats are very territorial and think it is ours, and want it for just us. We don’t believe that the January’s, what some of the Gym rats call the New year resolution folks, will ever be dedicated enough to follow through. It is judgemental rude and mean. Frankly untrue! Whatever happened to encouragement and civility, and friendliness. Frankly, if some of us gym rats just befriend and encouraged some of the January’s, I bet we would have a lot more people who were loving the gym experience.

  3. Drew says:

    I get it that gyms are super crowded during the first of the year, but does this person have to be that big of a jack hole about it?

  4. irreverendt says:

    BAM! score one for the snark. If the writer really is a gym rat then they know the answer to their question. BTW…thanks for the autograph.

  5. AthenaC says:

    Wow! Okay, um … I think you were really harsh, because I have my own list of things that irritate me about other patrons. But none of them are what this person complained about:

    1) Wiping down equipment – shoot me now if you like, but I don’t care if people wipe down equipment or not. Gym staff wipe it all down a couple times a day whether you do or not. I don’t care about getting other people’s sweat on my clothes – it’s all going in the wash anyway, and my sweat isn’t any cleaner than anyone else’s. Meanwhile, I don’t what that cleaner shit in my lungs. In fact, I would prefer it if fewer people wiped down equipment just so I could breathe less toxic crap.
    2) Passing gas – yeah, that’s kinda inevitable if you’re, you know, working hard at the gym. So I don’t know where that person gets off.

    My personal pet peeve list –

    1) People who hog machines for, like 10 minutes while they play on their phone between their sets of 10 reps at like 30 lbs. on the leg press. Dude – gtfo of the way.
    2) People who are ostentatiously loud. I get it if you have to grunt when you get near the end of your set, but if you’re yelling loudly every single rep – stfu.
    3) People who stand RIGHT IN FRONT OF the weight rack when they do their sets, blocking other people (read: me) from getting there timely.
    4) People (so far it’s only been girls I’ve seen) that come along as an accessory to their s.o. and dick around while their s.o. actually works out. These are the people usually doing #1.

    P.S. Blanket exception – if you’re old, carry on. You’re a badass and I am more than happy to work around you.

  6. Donnadon says:

    Um expelling gas (farting) is a natural occurrence for all humans. I’m sure the letter writer has expelled gas at various times in her/his life. If not that might be where her/his crappy (pun intended) attitude is coming from. Yes, farts can be quite odiferous at times, but it’s normal. She/he needs to loosen up.

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