Dear Snarky – My Mom is Out For Revenge Against My Ex-Fiance

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-9-20-38-amDear Snarky,

I think my mom is losing it. I recently got de-engaged and exactly one month later my ex-fiance got engaged to someone else. Surprise – he was cheating on me! This has made my mom c-r-a-z-y.

So far, she has managed to cancel the reception venue for the new couple by pretending to be the mother-of the-bride. She’s ghosting their wedding registries and by that I mean she’s gone in and set up registries  in the couple’s name so if you look online the “ghosted” one usually pops up first. For example, she set up one at Target that only has adult diapers, hemorrhoid and vag itch cream on it.

How do I get her to stop? At first I thought it was kind of funny, but now I’m worried she’s going to get herself in real trouble.

Signed, Okay With Not Being a Bride,

Dear Okay,

Umm, is it wrong I’m kind of loving your mother? I think she’s my spirit animal. That said, yes she needs to back away from the new couple and their nuptial business. The best way I think for this to happen is for you to sit down with your mom and let her know that you’re okay. In fact, you’re better than okay because you feel like you dodged a bullet by not marrying a man who has real issues with the truth, fidelity –  basically all the wedding vows.

I think once she knows that you’re happy and are moving on with your life she’ll let go of her need for revenge. Tell her that instead of being mad your whole family should be celebrating that you didn’t end up married to a huge loser.

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