Dear Snarky – My Son’s New Teacher Was My College “Friend With Benefits”


 Dear Snarky,

I’ve had the shock of my life. At back-to-school night I found out that a guy I repeatedly hooked up with in college is my 5th grade son’s teacher! He’s new to the school and has a very common last name so I had no idea my kid’s teacher was my back-in-the day friend with benefits .

 Do I immediately get my son out of the class or do I suck it up and spend the entire school year feeling very awkward? To make it even worse my son is thrilled about having the school’s only guy teacher.  Help!

Signed, WTF

Dear WTF,

 By doing simple math I’m guessing it’s been more than a decade since you saw this guy. So, that’s loads of time for this not to be that big of a deal. Greet your college friend, have a good laugh and move on to the homework policy.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to get over the awkward phase and you’re married then this is a wonderful opportunity for your husband to get more involved in the teacher parent component of elementary school.

 Now, if you and your “special” friend parted ways very badly or if you know something about this man’s character that is a red flag for him being your kid’s teacher you’ve got a problem.

 The hardest part of removing your child from the class is what to tell the principal and I hope it’s not “this dude was my hook up buddy.” I’d be prepared for some gossip to get around because you don’t know what your former flame is going to say when someone in the teacher workroom asks, “Hey, how come little Trevor is now in my class?”

 This is why if you decided to get a new teacher you have to be professional and keep your mouth shut. No chatter with friends about your past history with the man. And remember even if you do go the new teacher route you will still see this “friend” on field trips and at other 5th grade events which is, again, another great reason for your husband to take on some on those responsibilities for you.

Bottom Line: I don’t think this teacher conundrum will be that insurmountable of an issue unless you make it one. So don’t.


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