Dear Snarky – Betrayed By The Boss’s Daughter

96eb8c5cc47579cefcd193f7d9e7aec6Dear Snarky,

 I’m 25-years-old and work for a family owned business. Over the summer the owner’s 20-year-old daughter worked with me in the marketing department. We hit it off and even hung out together some after work. But when she went back to college things at work got weird. I think she told her dad everything I had confided in her about the company. Two people who I complained to her about have been fired and I get the feeling I’m next.

 Should I text her and ask what’s up because right now I’m feeling angry and betrayed?

 Signed,  Thought We Were Friends

Dear Thought We Were Friends,

Here’s some Life 101 advice – the boss’s daughter is not your friend. She is, first and foremost, the owner of the company’s child and that is where her loyalties lie not with you. I would bet your soon to be severance pay that she did indeed tell her dad, probably verbatim, everything you blabbed.

So, update your Linked In profile and start sending out resumes, because even if you don’t get canned you probably need a fresh start somewhere else. Take with you to your new job the lesson that you need to keep your gossip about people you work with to other people you work with to a minimum and most assuredly do not make the mistake of ever thinking that any of your boss’s relatives are your BFF.  That, my friend, will bite you in the butt every single time.

Sure we all complain about our job and our co-workers, but the ideal person to bitch to about that is someone you don’t see everyday at the office. Remember, today’s co-worker can be tomorrow’s boss.


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