Dear Snarky – Pissed Off About a Pool Pee Prank

Dear Snarky,Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.16.28 PM

My brother pulled a prank that turned ugly. He has a pool and always jokes that my family never seems to use the bathroom at his house while swimming. Last weekend, during a large family get together, while I and my three kids were in his pool parts of the water started turning a greenish  color.

My brother started howling and said it was because we were peeing in his pool. Everyone was screaming and saying how gross we were. I denied that we were peeing, but no one would let it go. Finally 2 DAYS LATER  my brother confessed that he had dropped in food coloring dye  through the pool skimmer while we were swimming to change the water color as a prank.

The problem is he let the whole thing go on far too long before admitting he did it!  He had my kids crying they were so embarrassed.

Now my family thinks I’m overreacting by still being mad. I think my brother can take his pool and shove it. Do you think I’m right?

Signed, Pissed

Dear Pissed,

Your brother sounds like he stopped maturing at about age 10. What an ass! It’s one thing to play a practical joke. It’s another to let it run on so long that kids are crying and to not fess up for two days – that’s just weird.  As for your family freaking out over some pool pee real or imagined – spare me. Pools + Kids = Pee. 

I would tell your brother that if wants you to get over it he needs to send an email to every family member that was there and tell them that he put dye in the water as a joke and that he’s sorry that he let it go on so long that everybody left the party still thinking that you had peed in his pool.

Then I would take a break from your brother and his icky pool. It sounds like you need it. I also tell your brother to watch his back because you never know when you might decide to get even. Not that I would waste my time planning to get even, but it wouldn’t hurt to mess with his mind a little bit.

(And now for some Snarky Fun Facts: Only 1 out of 5 people admit to ever peeing in a swimming pool. Umm, yeah right. Most competitive swimmers, on the other had, say they not only pee in the pool during training, but their coach encourages it. And during most swim meets it’s estimated that each swimmer “voluntarily discharges” at least a half cup of urine in the pool. Now who can’t wait to go swimming?)

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