Dear Snarky – Make Over Mess Up


I used to work in the cosmetics industry (make up artist, fashion stylist) before I had kids and I had some pretty high-profile clients. Now, I’m the mother of a 12-year-old girl and recently I gave one of her friends a “make over.” I thought the girl looked glamorous and classy not TRASHY, but her mother freaked out!

I didn’t apologize at the time because it’s make-up. It washes off! So, what’s the big deal? But now the mom is talking crap about me up at the middle school and saying I “vamped up”* (Editor’s note this is the cleaner version of the word that was in the letter)  her daughter? How do I shut this down?

Signed, Hating the Suburbs

Dear Hating,

I think something more maybe going on here. Because I’m with you make up washes off so really why the whole going cray thing? BUT this mom may have a no make up rule till 16. Every family is different. For example, I was not allowed to get my ears pierced till I was an adult.

It could even be the mom thought that the make up made her 12-year-old looked older and she didn’t like the visual. Now, if photos of the girl were posted to social media I can see a parent going full mama bear because hello a picture of her sweet little girl looking 20 something is out there circulating.

I feel your best bet is to apologize to the mom. Tell her you had no idea she would get upset and that you were just showing your daughter and her’s some makeup techniques. Then in the future I would stay clear of doing any make overs on minors unless you have the moms permission because that’s the kind of world we live in today

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7 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – Make Over Mess Up

  1. Works at the Chanel Counter says:

    I work at a large department store and teenagers come in all the time for a make over. Well, not once, not even twice, but multiple times have moms come up to my counter and chewed me out for “all the make up I put on their child.” I want to say Relax bitch, but instead I offer them a make up wipe. Their kid came to me, not the other way around and if you’re a parent and the biggest thing you have to get upset about is your snowflake wearing winged eyeliner than shut the hell up and count your blessings.


    The freak out moms need to thank their lucky stars that make up washes off and their darlings aren’t getting tattoos.

  3. Mom of a 20 something says:

    When my daughter was in HS she told me she could peg the age of the middle school girl by how much makeup she had on. The 6th graders were young and relatively clueless, the 7th graders had it caked on because it was new and exciting, and the 8th graders generally had calmed down and looked halfway decent or had abandoned it altogether as too much hassle. Maybe this mom should offer a class on age-appropriate makeup application. I’ll bet the girls would love it and the complaining mom would be the one feeling left out. (Heck, I’d love to have a class on age-appropriate makeup for myself!)

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