Dear Snarky – I’m Skinny Now and I Think My Girlfriends Hate Me

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.00.07 AMDear Snarky,

My diet is breaking up my friendships. About two months ago I went on a clean, plant-based diet – no sugar, no gluten, no meat and slowly I’ve noticed my friends dropping me. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I was excluded from New Year’s Eve plans. My feelings are really, really, hurt. Do you think my girlfriends are jealous of my weight loss or just intimidated by my healthy choices?

Signed, Getting Skinny

Dear Skinny,

You’re going to have to ask yourself some tough questions. First, are these women real friends? Because I doubt good friends would dump you because you’re losing weight. In fact, the opposite would occur they would be proud of you and encouraging.

Two and think carefully before answering – Are you being a food Nazi –  critiquing and judging everything your friends eat and drink? If you’re calorie shaming or broadcasting the carcinogen levels of everything your buddies put in their mouths than I’m guessing  you’re making them feel so uncomfortable they don’t want to be around you.

Maybe these girlfriends were more drinking buddies than besties? Maybe they think you’re a now skinny pain in their backside? The only way to really find out what’s going on is to sit down and talk with them.  Yep, at first, it’s probably going to be an uncomfortable conversation, but it sounds like you’re up to the challenge. And if it turns out they aren’t really true friends throw back a kale smoothie and go out and make some new ones.

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