Dear Snarky – I Took a Ride on the Hot Mess Express

dear_snarky_logo-1Dear Snarky,

I feel like a group of mothers owe me a BIG apology! This summer a bunch of moms were forming a large group of mothers and daughters to rent a party bus and go together to the Taylor Swift concert. I’m not good friends with these moms, but my daughter is in the same class (sixth grade) as a lot of the girls so I said yes.

Fast forward to last week where the moms were getting tipsy on the party bus and then continued to drink at the concert! It got so bad one mom bought herself a Taylor Swift T-shirt and then took off the shirt she had on IN THE LOBBY of the arena and changed. I felt like the only reason I was invited is because most people know I don’t drink and they figured I could be the babysitter for everyone’s girls and as it turned out the moms. 

It was awful and not one mother has yet to apologize for their behavior. I want to send a group text and call them out on what they did, but a part of me is scared.

Signed, No More Buses

Dear No More Buses,

Don’t hold your breath or Breathalyzer, as the case maybe, waiting for an apology. It’s not going happen. These women don’t think they did anything wrong getting their drink on at a T Swift concert. All that group text is going to do is make you seem like little Miss Kill Joy.

Your better move is to polite to the party moms and oh so subtly let it be known that you have pictures from the concert up to and including the mom changing her clothes in public and if they give you any grief (or ask you to chair the school fundraiser) you’re not above sharing photos from the “super fun night at the concert.”

Don’t think of it as blackmail. Think of it as payment for babysitting services rendered.

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