Dear Snarky – The Mother of the Bride Keeps Wearing Her Old Wedding Dress

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.33.36 AMDear Snarky,

My beautiful daughter is engaged and recently I went with her to her soon to be sister-in-laws bridesmaids luncheon and I’m still having problems picking my jaw up from the floor! At the luncheon the bride’s mother, my daughter’s future mother-in-law, was wearing her wedding dress!!! Yes her wedding dress from the 1980’s. She was also taking selfies and putting pictures of herself on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag “still fits.”

How do I make sure this woman doesn’t pull this stunt at my daughter’s upcoming wedding festivities?

Signed #unbelievable

Dear Unbelievable,

Here’s the bad news your daughter’s future mother-in-law is a train wreck (choo, choo!) with a “look at me,” “look at me” personality disorder. Everything always has to be about her even at her own daughter’s wedding.

No one is going to change this woman. Did you hear me I said NO ONE. That said, I would advise embracing the nut job. I suggest your daughter or you start by sharing with the almost mother-in-law that you will be letting all the guests know who are invited to any bridal parties that it’s just super if they want to wear their old wedding dresses. 

This will tank the “look at me, look at me”, thrill and your daughter can serve notice that she’s equipped with the skills to derail the crazy train.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – The Mother of the Bride Keeps Wearing Her Old Wedding Dress

  1. mamalion3 says:

    How much does she really love the guy? I think I’d encourage her to remember it’s never too late to back out! A heartache at this stage is nothing like it will be if she boards the freight train to crazy town!

  2. Karen says:

    Great advice because this woman is not going to change. I only hope the bride and groom plan to live very far away from the mother-in -law.

  3. No Name Please says:

    The bride needs to run away as fast as she can. The crazy woman in the letter sounds just like my MIL. Everything always has to be about her. My wedding – she wore white and it might as well have been a wedding dress minus a veil. Our honeymoon she thought she was dying and we had to cut it short. The birth of my child – while I’m in labor she thinks she’s having a heart attack and my husband has to leave my side to be by his mother’s death bed – except it turned out she was just fine. We finally moved across the country and let me tell you it’s still not enough distance.

  4. SB says:

    I would strongly encourage her to reconsider. A MIL can reek havoc on the strongest of marriages. If she proceeds, she and her fiancé need to receive intensive premarital counseling to specifically discuss how they will manage the MIL. SERIOUSLY. A friend almost walked down the aisle into MIL hell. Thank god during premarital counseling she realized her fiancé was never going to be able to look at the situation objectably. She walked and it wasn’t down the aisle wearing white.

    On a side note, the comment above from “no name please” made me feel somewhat grateful for my MIL. Faking a heart attack to steal attention from the birth of a grandchild is a whole new level of crazy. Did you consider moving to a remote foreign country with no cell or wifi service?? Bless you.

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