Dear Snarky – Bible Betty Crocker is Ruining the Church Cookbook

dear_snarky_logoDear Snarky,

My church is putting together a cookbook to commemorate it’s 50th birthday and sell at a Christmas fair to raise money for mission trips. Each church member was guaranteed, at least, one recipe in the cookbook.

When it came time to proof the cookbook I noticed out of the 10 recipes I submitted to the cookbook committee not one got in!  I asked the chair of the committee what happened and she loudly accused me of plagiarizing recipes and said none of mine were “original.”

I’m very upset about the accusations and not being included. Should I go to my pastor and complain or will that make me seem petty?

Signed, Linda

Dear Linda,

I’ve got a recipe for you. Take one jerk of a cookbook chairman, combine with a dash of “how dare you” and then add in a cup of comeuppance to create a tart and spicy sweet known as just desserts.

Here’s the 411 on recipes. Basically, they can’t be plagiarized. Have you seen how many chocolate chip cookies recipes that are out there? And guess what ? They’re all the same. Your snooty cookbook chairman needs to get over herself. I’d even go so far as to ask if there are any truly original recipes left?

As for taking this up with your pastor my answer for you is — heck yes! Who knows how many other families this Bible Betty Crocker has insulted? This is a church cookbook. It should be about cooking up some fellowship and goodwill not a recipe smackdown.

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