5 thoughts on “Calm Yourself

  1. brendabmarion says:

    I was at the pool with my 9 year old son recently and there was a gaggle of new SAHMs with their babies talking about how busy their schedules were with mommy & me, target trips, etc. and one woman used a word that made me literally want to slap her: referring to how busy she was during the week with baby and how on Saturday, the dad would have to step in and do some child minding was she was out and about solo, she used the term “dad-urday” in lieu of Saturday. Ugh!

  2. Ellie says:

    As usual, you have me laughing out loud!! So glad I somewhat missed the age of social media when my daughter was young!! I’m not sure I could have competed!! High-five to the moms who fix “normal” lunches and put books in a square canvas bin (bought on sale at Target!) on their kids’ floor!!! 😀

  3. Polly Unsaturated says:

    I once admitted at a coffee group that I didn’t bathe my children every night. I should have known better – they were all first time mum’s with one delightful little cherub to keep them amused while I had 3 kids under the age of 3. I soon learned to save all my guilty parenting confessions for my multiple birth club mum’s where you can confess just about any kind of parenting fail or faux pas without so much as an eyebrow being raised.

  4. Mir Fleur says:

    I’m glad my children are grown up and I missed the social media frenzy! But I watch my younger friends grapple with the new online etiquette and participate unwittingly in the ‘Most Wholesome, Ethical and Artistic Mother of the Year award’ with wry amusement :). (Perhaps a bit of jealously – I am not the artistic type!!). Mir xx

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