Dear Snarky – Help! A Rainbow & Unicorn Mom is Telling Everyone I’m a Bully

Dear Snardear_snarky_logoky,

Thanks to a Rainbow and Unicorn mom I have started off the school year being called a bully. Every year my kids’ elementary school has a “Winning Reader Picnic.” This picnic is for all the kids who completed their summer reading log goal.

Each “winning reader” gets a gold ticket which gets them into the picnic on the school playground. Well, the Rainbow and Unicorn mom was letting in any and all kids into the picnic. It was a disaster. We were running out of food and drinks, not to mention that the whole the picnic is for the kids that read over the summer.

So, I take it upon myself to tell the mom to only let kids in with the gold ticket and she says, “I’m sorry. I just can’t say no to a child.” WTF? That’s when I told her to watch how it’s done and I took over.

Now it’s a scandal because the Rainbow bitch tattled on me to all of her friends.  So FYI  I’m now a bully. Ugh. Help me Snarky how do I clear my name?


So Not a Bully

Dear Not a Bully,

Brace yourself for this alarming advice. Do absolutely nothing. Yep, that’s right. Just own what you did. Proudly tell anyone that ask why you did it and walk with your head held high. You were not in the wrong. 

Mrs. Rainbow and Unicorn should not have been letting in kids that didn’t partake in the summer reading program. So sad too bad she got her mom feelings hurt when you pointed this out and then took control of the situation.  All I have to say is you go girl!

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