Dear Snarky – I Write My Teenagers Thank You Notes

Dear SnaManyThanksBACrky,

 I’m in big trouble with my mother! I have two teenagers and over Christmas my 17-year-old daughter spilled the beans to my mom that I have been writing my kids’ thank you notes for years.

 I started doing it when they were in elementary school. I got tired of nagging them so I just sat down and did it. As they’ve gotten older I’ve become pretty good at matching their handwriting style. Yes, I know it was bad parenting, but my mother has blown it out of proportion and says it was an “act of betrayal.”

 Do you have any advice for mending this rift?

 Signed, Thank You Mom

Dear Thank You,

I’m not going to lie. You’ve got a mess on your hands and it’s bigger than writing thanking you notes. Good Lord, woman are you also doing your kids’ homework and penning their college application essays? This is just all kinds of wrong BUT I’m not here to make you feel worse. I’m here to help.

So, the only thing I’ve got for you is telling your mom she’s right. You have to do a full mea culpa and beg for forgiveness. If you have to get on your hands and knees to do it – so be it. THEN I would reexamine your parenting practices.

Perhaps, your daughter sharing with her grandma that you have been writing the thank you notes was a “wake up” call. I’m guessing there are bigger issues of control going on.

P.S. Please don’t write me a thank note for this advice.

Yours, Snarky