Party Pooper

dear_snarky_logoDear Snarky,

I work in an office where we are always celebrating something. Sounds great right? But no, it’s not because every time we have a party it costs something. At least a couple of times a week the big manila envelope is getting passed around for a cash donation of $10 for so and so’s baby shower, wedding, anniversary, birthday and get this half birthday’s. Seriously, WTH on that? Is there a socially acceptable way to get out of contributing to the party fund.

Signed Going Broke

Dear Going Broke,

You had me at half birthdays. Just wow! If you’re not a young child or terminally ill I think celebrating your half birthday is beyond ridiculous and since when do your office mates give you a wedding anniversary party? Yeah, cake in the break room for hitting the six-year mark in your marriage. It’s dumb. I think a party intervention is called for and you’re just the person to start it.

Here’s how – when the dreaded manilla envelope is passed around state very vocally that you’re on a super tight budget and sadly can’t afford to contribute. When other people in the office hear this, trust me, they will jump aboard the S.S. No More Party Fund. All they’re waiting for is for some brave soul to take the lead. Sure, you could go to Human Resources and complain but this is faster and doesn’t make you the “person who whined to management and killed the parties.” I’m not saying workplaces shouldn’t have celebrations. I’m just saying you shouldn’t be made to feel like you have to contribute cash a couple of times a week to support what I would call a party fetish.

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