Valentine Hangover

Picture 5Are you suffering from V.D.H.? A Valentine’s Disappointment Hangover. Never fear my sweet one – Snarky Radio is here to help with this week’s 60 Second Snarky.

And for those of you not wanting to click on the link here is the text.

 Depressed, feeling unloved, self medicating with chocolate all because your Valentine’s Day kind of, sort of, stunk. Relax, I’m here to make it all better by sharing this latest scientific research – the worse your Valentine’s day the better your marriage. That’s right ladies if your Valentine’s Day consisted of eating your children’s candy and chasing it with a glass of a chardonnay, who am I kidding let’s make that a carton, while your husband looked confused that you were GASP mad at him for forgetting that February 14 is the official day of adoration – than you’ve got yourself a real keeper. 

How can that be you ask? Years of fact-finding field work show that the husband who wouldn’t know a grand romantic gesture if his life depended on it is happy, secure in his love for you and in your love for him plus has bigger things to worry about like the other 364 days of the year. On the other hand, the man who showers his wife with flowers, not purchased at a convenience store, jewels and decorates her pillow with rose petals is kind of shady, like he’s either hiding something and/or feels guilty, really guilty.

So, my sad Valentine, slap a great big smile on that pretty face of yours, wrap yourself up, I’m talking really get cuddly in the blanket of superiority for having a non romantic spouse. Because nothing says I love you like a man who forgets Valentine’s day.

Oh, and that scientific research I was talking about – um, I might have made up that.