Battle of the Box Tops

dear_snarky_logoDear Snarky.

I’m so sick of mothers cheating and cheating on stupid things like Box Tops awards. At my kids elementary school they collect Box Tops and every year there’s a contest to see which student can bring in the most. The child who wins gets lunch with the principal and a limo ride. For the second year in a row the same kid has won because his mom BUYS the Box Tops from eBay! How is this fair? A lot of moms are angry about this but we don’t know what to do to stop it.

Signed, Box Top Mom

Dear Box Top,

Just like life isn’t fair, elementary school isn’t either. The cruel world of Box Tops, bake sales, and fundraising politics isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ve got to put on your full coverage mom panties and GET OVER IT!

So, this mother is buying her Box Tops – big deal. Aren’t you buying them when you purchase products with the Box Tops on them? (Not to get off topic but have you checked out eBay? OMG those Box Tops are selling at face value. Forget about fundraising for the school and start yourself a sweet little online Box Top business.)

I suggest you save your anger and moral outrage for the important stuff like state school funding cuts and the jerks that don’t follow the school pick and drop off rules. Yes, I know this means your kids won’t get to ride in limo or have lunch with the principal but guess what they’ll get over it and you will to.

Trust me on this final piece of advice – if you go through your parenting years always keeping score, always fretting that your kids are getting ripped off then you’re not going to enjoy the magical, sometimes maddening and always fleeting journey of raising your children.

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