Dear Snarky – Happy Trampy Halloween

dear_snarky_logoDear Snarky,

My daughter is 13 and a group of her friends want to go as devils for Halloween. I have zero problem with her being a devil. What I do have a problem with is that the costumes the girls want to buy are highly inappropriate. It seems once you start wearing women’s or junior sizes in Halloween costumes there’s not much to choose from that’s not sexy. Is there anyway out of this without me being the mean mom and saying no?

Signed, Witch of a Mom

Dear Witch,

You are experiencing what I call the tramp-a-doddle-doing of Halloween. Once your daughter ages out of and fitting into Disney princess or fairy costumes it is slim pickings in the not slutty department. I’m not kidding here. Last year I saw a sexy pumpkin costume.  How on earth do you make a pumpkin costume sexy you might be asking?  Easy. This pumpkin outfit had an almost shear front. I’m going to let you use your imagination for what body parts became the “eyes” of the pumpkin. This is just one of the many reasons  why I recommend two wardrobe items that will magically turn an overtly sexy costume into a full coverage extravaganza – the long sleeve black t-shirt and black leggings. They provide head to toe concealment that would make the Amish proud.

Tell your daughter she was to wear the leggings and T-shirt combo under her costume so she stays warm  trick- or-treating and that’s the ONLY WAY you’re going to let her leave the house in a devil costume. Also, talk with the other moms get them on board the black T and leggings band wagon. Sure, there’s always one mom who won’t get it and have zero problem with her daughter being 12 going on 21 but that’s her problem not yours.

Happy Halloween!

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