Dear Snarky – Parent Drop Out Is Pissing Me Off


Dear Snarky,

I have two kids in elementary school. I drive them to school everyday and everyday there are the same three parents who consistently violate the school drop off rules. They park in the drop off only lane, they take a short cut by going the wrong way, as in against traffic just to get their kids closer to the curb. One of them gets out of her car to walk her 11-year-old inside the school. Whatever you do – don’t tell me to talk to the principal I have, a lot of parents have and they still don’t follow the rules. Help. This gets my blood pressure up every morning.

Signed, Super Ticked Off

Dear Super Ticked Off

I’m not going to kid you – this is a hard one. You’ve encountered the species known as The Rules Never Apply to Me parent. This parent believes that rules were created for other, less awesome life forms, and in no way does he or she have to follow them. When dealing with this species proceed with extreme caution. They are highly volatile and more than a little cray, cray with a capital Cray.  

Because we are dealing with, shall we say, mentally damaged/deficient individuals, I feel that an intervention is your best course of action. Gather up some other parents that share your frustration and invite the The Rules Never Apply to Me individuals to a safe place, say a Starbucks. Once everyone has a drink in hand and is seated at a table, preferably in the back, proceed to voice your kind concern for their safety and the children’s.

After this I would recommend whipping out your phone and showing them videos you have taken of their flagrant and repeated violations of the school drop off policy because the Rules Never Apply to Me Parent will insist that they have done nothing wrong. That’s why video evidence is crucial.

Next, present them with the rules in writing and ask them if their tiny little brain understands what they are reading. Finally, assure them that they won’t be doing this alone. You and the entire intervention team will be their “follow the rule” buddy or to use an AA term sponsor to help them conquer or at least get a handle of their Rules Never Apply to Me addiction. Will this work? I say it’s got a 50/50 chance. But think of all the fun you’ll have running that intervention. 

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