D.I.Y. You Lie

58bcdcecfe976ad05e2c5695d0955900Do It Yourself is all a great big lie. It’s a three-way conspiracy between Lowes, Home Depot and HGTV to thin the herd through a series of fatal home improvement accidents. I’ve attempted to be a DIY’er and it was a painful, shameful experience resulting in crippling injuries, excessive cursing, and marital instability that could, at a later date, be mentioned in a divorce petition.

It’s not my fault I’m hopeless at home improvement I come from a long line of anti-Do It Yourselfers.  One of my dad’s favorite phrases, when I was growing up, was “Call Someone.” He had neither the time nor the desire to fix anything.  My mom knew the handyman’s number by heart. We even gave him a Christmas and birthday present every year. Come to think of it she was awfully close to that handyman. (Suddenly so much is explained.) Back in the day there was no shame in using a handyman. Now, when a contractor’s truck parks in your driveway it’s an open invitation for your neighbors to come over and see what you’re up to.  Almost all of them will tell you how you could be saving money big time, if only you would do it yourself and they say it in a condescending tone that implies your either a worthless slacker, recuperating from a severe head injury or just not very good with money if you’re going to “give it away” to a contractor.

Well, I’m none of the above so one fine fall weekend I decided it was time to emancipate my family from the “call a contractor” lifestyle  I was going to tackle a home improvement project if it killed me and it almost did. Weeks later, I’m finally able to sit upright unassisted, (although my neck brace is still chafing), the vision in my left eye has been almost fully restored, and I have regained enough feeling in my fingers (still waiting for the nerve damage in my thumbs to heal) to share with you the 5 Deadly D.I.Y. Lies.  Ignore these at your own peril.

It’s a Weekend Project: This could be the biggest lie of all. It is never, ever a weekend project unless you’re doing a home improvement at your fixer upper on Pluto where one day is 153 hours long. I set the blame for the weekend project label right at the freshly painted and newly weather-stripped front door of HGTV.

Most of their shows make it seem like you can re-do three rooms in your home over a long weekend all while looking perky, wearing make-up, maintaining your manicure and having a good hair day. None of this is possible. What you’re seeing is a fairy-tale. It’s make believe T.V. for grown-ups where we can indulge our decorating fantasies and be told that if we pick up a paintbrush and make a wish magic will happen.

As anyone who has attempted D.I.Y. knows the first day of any home improvement will be spent going to the hardware store of your choice and buying an abundant amount of tools, paint, and other nifty stuff all designed to make your job easier. The second half of that day will be spent returning the stuff you bought because it didn’t work, you didn’t need it or you’ve already given up. The second day of home improvement focuses on actually trying to get some work done all while either crying or cursing. By the afternoon of the second day you come to the demoralizing realization that your weekend project will be taking up an entire month of weekends. It’s then that you start to do the math and see if you can still afford to be rescued by a contractor. Sadly, in many of these cases the amount already spent on home improvement supplies necessitates that you have to finish the project without the aid of a professional.

Anyone Can Paint: To this I say liar, liar, pants on fire. Yes, anyone can wield a paintbrush. But, not everyone can paint. A painter is someone who can do excellent cut in work around doors, crown molding and windows. A painter can also use a roller and not leave drips down the wall. I am not a painter. To help me become a painter I even took a class at my local home improvement store. I had high hopes especially since I was one of the only ones in my class with all 32 of my original teeth. I figured I was in a class with some hardcore home improvement people. Dudes, that wanted to branch out of their meth lab trailers and start painting for a living.

It was a smelly bunch that showed up that Saturday morning at 7 a.m. ( The smell of cigarette smoke laced with an apparently soap resistance B.O. was a bracing way to start the day.)  I was especially looking forward to learning how to use a paint sprayer thinking that would solve all my painting problems. Come to find out I might as well snort some crack and drive my car blindfolded while not wearing a seat-belt because the paint sprayer has a lot in common with the lethal injections administered by the Texas Department of Corrections. The instructor had me at “the paint sprayer can create a high-speed stream of atomized fluid which is powerful enough to pierce your skin and enter your bloodstream” causing you to die a moderately slow, tortuous death. In the even worse case scenario department the paint can also enter your bloodstream and ignite turning you into a human candle. It was at that point I just said no to a paint sprayer and swore my everlasting allegiance to the paintbrush. Unsightly brush marks be damned.

Protective Eye-wear Will Keep You Safe: I doubt an astronaut helmet lined with Kevlar could keep you safe from home improvement peril. There’s just too much that can go wrong.  Think about it, you have a bunch of amateurs dealing with combustible chemicals and sharp, pointy things attached to motors. An accident is a given. Being an eternal optimist or a dumb ass, (your pick) I set out, protective eye-wear in place, to sand some cabinet doors with my brand new belt sander. I had put the cabinet doors on the picnic table in my backyard and was happily feeling like a tough chick, like I could throw down with that guy who wears the wife beater shirts and overalls on HGTV’s Holmes on Homes. As I was sanding away, enjoying my contractor fantasy that I had my own design show, a big gust of wind kicks up a torrent of tiny sand particles that find their way past my protective goggles and into my left eye. One trip to the E.R. later I emerge looking like a deranged pirate that lost a bar-fight on the HMS Hammered. My eye was swollen shut and I was styling a big white gauze patch, which, bonus points here, kept oozing fluid that ran down my cheek and flowed to my chin.

Power Tools Are for Everyone: If you need a license to drive a car then you should need a license to operate a bad ass power tool. Because power tools can kill or at the very least they can easily maim. No one should be allowed to just start sawing away or using the instrument of death known as the diamond tile saw without some sort of State or at the very least County mandated training. If a saw can cut through a couple of inches of granite in a nano second than slicing off your fingers would be as easy as cutting up Pillsbury rolled sugar cookie dough with an axe (except a whole lot less yummy). When I went to rent a tile saw I didn’t have to show I.D., take an I.Q. test, or demonstrate that my fine motor skills were in working order.  Big mistake. Power tools that can slice, dice or bore a hole in your skeletal frame should be registered as weapons. Where’s the 24 hour waiting period like they have for guns?  A lot can happen in 24 hours. I could have come to my senses and realized that I have no business attempting to operate a tile saw. But no, they let me rent the saw and it took three weeks and two arm braces later for partial feeling to return to my fingers. The doctor hypothesized that the vibrations from the saw aggravated a prior carpel tunnel injury. Where was that warning on the rental agreement I ask you?  No where did I see “Caution: Saw vibrations can cause partial paralysis if you’re a great big sissy.”

De Cottage Cheesing Your Ceiling is a Snap: I passionately believe that the cottage cheese or popcorn ceiling has gotten a bad rap. What’s wrong with the textured ceiling?  It’s vintage 70’s  You wouldn’t turn up your nose at a vintage Chanel purse would you?  Of course, I think this after I have lived through the agony of removing the cottage cheese from my basement ceiling.  Thankfully, a previous owner had liberated our house from any and all traces of cottage cheese except for the basement. After many people had assured me that removing the cottage cheese was “super easy” and that “gravity did all the work” I embarked on my de-cottage cheesing journey. It was sixteen hours of hard labor that made childbirth seem fun.

I was precariously perched on a ladder, my neck painfully contorted as I gazed eternally upward, equipped with only two rudimentary tools – a water bottle and a scraper. For hours I sprayed and scraped, sprayed and scraped as gunk fell from the ceiling and covered me in damp icky stuff.  Finally, the pain in my neck got so bad I would have killed for a cervical epidural, but all I got was two extra strength Tylenol’s. At last, after one final push the last of the popcorn came down. I was proud I had a cottage cheese free basement, but oh the agony of achieving it. The next day I woke up and I couldn’t move my neck.  I tried a hot shower, turbo menthol Icy Hot, and a heating pad.  Nothing worked.  Back to the E.R. I go where a neck brace and hospital grade Motrin are prescribed to ease my pain. Because I’m the luckiest girl on the planet I get the same E.R. doctor I had when I got the sand particles in the eye. After making sure my husband wasn’t abusing me, due to my reoccurring E.R. visits, he writes me a prescription – “No more D.I.Y. projects.”  Some people has says, “just aren’t cut out for home improvement.”  I had no choice, due to the insurmountable body of evidence, but to agree.

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17 thoughts on “D.I.Y. You Lie

  1. Angela says:

    Oh, lordy, I love you! Where were you when I was young and dumb and trying to hurt myself? Thank goodness you are here now; no telling how many lives and marriages you will save!

  2. Travis "That Home Inspector Guy" Moyer says:

    It takes a big person to admit when they are not handy! Kudos to you! I get a big kick out of hearing people say they are going to paint such and such a room “this weekend” and then talk to them on Monday when they ache all over, aren’t done and now want to hire someone to finish it. I do, however, love to give guidance to those that are willing to try. Anywho, very funny post and will check back to see your other musings. Keep it up.

      • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

        Travis, I sure she didn’t mean anything negative. Besides you have me in your corner and I’m jealous of your talent. I checked out your website and was very impressed. What’s was with that scary, pointy saw in the attic? Did someone over-sharpen it?

  3. Travis "That Home Inspector Guy" Moyer says:

    @Snarky In the days before everything became disposable, people actually used to resharpen (gasp!) a tool and keep using it. Tools were expensive and cherished. This saw had been used and resharpened so much that the end which is usually flat was sharpened to a point. I can only imagine that having a power saw would have been very rare so this was the main saw to use. There actually used to be, and still are here and there, who can sharpen saws and even circular saw blades and such. BTW, many grocery stores will sharpen your kitchen knives for you will you shop which I have done and it is way cool. Thanks for checking out the blog. 🙂

  4. Kim says:

    Hey, cheers to those of us who know our limitations! What is the shame in calling a contractor? But I hear you, the neighbors do get all up in your business when the truck rolls up and they start bragging about how they saved sooo much money doing their project themselves. Well, all I can say is yes, I can tell you did it yourself! Ha! Great post! Hope the cuts are bruises are healing up….:-)

  5. Lisa Strowd Goldberg says:

    Oh, yes, I too fell for the “removing that ugly cottage cheese ceiling is a snap!” myth…HA! I now sit in my new(er) house and admire the cool, sparkly (yes, they added glitter) cottage cheese ceiling, somehow knowing, like all things from the 70s and 80s, it, too, will eventually come back into vogue. It’s certainly not going anywhere on my watch!

  6. Kim Lancaster Furnell says:

    My husband has a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He has built houses. He is qualified to operate power tools, and has done so on many occasions while providing a living for our family. Heck, he can even operate a forklift! What does he tell me when something around the house needs doing? “Call a plumber/electrician/painter/roofer/etc.” I knew there was a reason I married him!!!

  7. Linda Chandler LaFever says:

    My father is the quintessential “DIY” man. I swear, there is nothing he can’t do (include saw blade sharpening, Travis) and has almost every tool in the free world, some of them older than he is. Even though he is 1000 miles away, I still can’t bring myself to call someone to do something I know I can do myself (It’s like spending a small fortune on clothes I know I can make better and cheaper,) Besides, I feel like a wuss and a traitor to the family code of “self sufficiency” (sp?) if I don’t at least try. However, I draw the line at anything involving the car aside from water and ww fluid. I know how to do other things but it ain’t happening… 🙂

  8. Tonya says:

    Hahahaha!–Snarky you never fail to bring the snarktacular humor! I showed some bloggy love and did a courtesy cross post on my page. Which is all the more hilarious because I write about DIY projects renovating my 1881 farmhouse. Just not in the gut-busting, I think I peed my pants laughing manner in which you describe. It was a perfect way to start my weekend!

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