Dear Snarky – My Brother’s Fiancee Wants Me to Go on Ozempic Before I’m a Bridesmaid In the Wedding

Dear Snarky,

I need your help with my future sister-in-law who I now hate with all my heart. The reason is because she told me and her cousin – both bridesmaids in her wedding – that she wants us to go on Ozempic so we have a year to lose weight before her “special day” where she wants everything to be “perfect.” This all went down at an engagement party that my parents were hosting.

I was stunned but I did immediately tell her that no doctor would prescribe me Ozempic because I don’t have diabetes and my weight is not even in the range that would necessitate me going on that drug. Also, even if I could get some shady doctor to give me a prescription my insurance wouldn’t cover it.

But my future sister-in-law was relentless and said she had a “connection” that could get us some version of “semaglutide” from a compound pharmacy for half the regular price.

While all this is happening her cousin is crying and I’m about to. So, I just told her to STFU and the cousin and I walked away.

How do I handle this situation moving forward because right now I never want to see this bitch again and I can’t imagine having her as my sister-in-law?

Signed, What’s Next

Dear What’s Next,

What’s next is that you’re going to shut this whole thing down for good by giving it daylight. And by that I mean you’re going to tell everyone involved in the wedding from your heinous almost sister-in-law to your brother to your parents and other bridesmaids about the weight loss demand from the bride to be.

I suggest sending an email because a written record in these instances is important and keep it very succinct and business-like because I’ve found these kinds of correspondences are more deadly than an emotion filled diatribe.

In this email I would say that after being told by your brother’s fiancée that you (and her cousin) needed to partake in a medical intervention because your body size didn’t fit her “perfect day” parameters that you’re now declining being a bridesmaid because you refuse to sacrifice your health to be in a wedding. I would then add that this decision is irrevocable. 

Now, be prepared for this woman to try to play the “you’re crazy I never said that” card and for being pressured to be a bridesmaid because of the whole “but how will it look if the sister isn’t in the wedding.”  

But stay strong because if you agree to be in any part of this wedding you will be subjected to slights, shade, and a host of hateful behavior that might be delivered in tiny jabs but the end result will be trying to make you feel bad about yourself.

You are better than any of this and by taking a stand you’re signaling your worth and letting not just your brother’s fiancée know but your entire family that you will not tolerate disrespect in any form, from anyone. And that, my love, makes you powerful. 

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