I’ve Got Tip Fatigue

One of my husband’s favorite sayings during any vacation excursion is that he’s “being bankrupted $10.00 at a time.” Most especially if we were at a Disney park where I can count on this phrase being on a continuous loop 

On one trip to Disneyland while I was buying a couple of $5.00 churros from a cart by the Haunted Mansion my husband’s bankrupt banter got so bad I threatened to put his “favorite” saying on a T-shirt. That way he could wear the shirt  and spare us from having to hear his vacation refrain over and over again. His response was, “There goes another ten dollars.”

Now, I feel some shame about making fun of my husband because I’m currently feeling like I would actually wear a T-shirt that says, “I’m going bankrupt $10 at a time.” This is because it seems like getting constantly gouged with fees and requests for tips at places like drive thru windows is the new normal.

The latest thing to irk me is the announcement from AMC theaters that they’re going to “sightline seating.” Sightline is code for you’re going to shell out more money for the better seats. 

It’s bad enough that the airlines do this but to now have to pay an extra fee to not get a neck strain when I’m watching beloved movie star Paul Rudd in “Ant-Man and the Wasp” is extremely irritating. 

I understand that the movie theatre industry is struggling but I don’t know if charging more money for “preferred” seating is the way to get more butts in those seats. Here’s an idea – how about keeping your restrooms cleaner. 

Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that because I might have just given movie theatres another idea for a fee – “preferred” restrooms. For a mere dollar extra per ticket you can have access to a restroom with toilet paper, floors that look like they’ve been cleaned in the past 21 days and trash cans that aren’t overflowing. 

Honestly, I would pay that fee because one time I walked out of a theater and across the parking lot to use the restroom at a Panera rather than subject myself to the ladies’ room where I was watching a movie. Sure, I missed a good ten minutes of the House of Gucci, but it was worth it and I think the pandemic proved that Americans will make unmeasurable sacrifices for toilet paper.

I will say that at least AMC is up charging you for something that is actually tangible – a seat that doesn’t suck. The same can’t be said for the egregious practice of tipping at a drive thru. When I was first asked if I wanted to leave a tip for Diet Coke at a drive thru I actually thought the woman taking my money was joking. But nope, there it was on card scanner – various suggested tipping amounts for services rendered for a $1.09 purchase.

This freaked me out a little because I’m a tipper. Having worked in the customer service sector I believe in robust tipping but the whole tipping at a drive thru for a dollar purchase was messing with my tipping mojo. Flustered, I rounded up the amount to $2.00 and drove off confused. So confused in fact, I pulled into a parking lot to work through my feelings. I also started googling and learned about tip creeping, tipflation and tip fatigue.

I was definitely experiencing all of the above. My “a tip to far” moment came when I was “asked” to tip a cashier at a retail store for the act of charging my credit card for the purchase of a blouse. That was when I decided to feel zero guilt for not tipping in certain situations and to really get behind the idea of wearing that bankrupt T-shirt.


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