Four Seasons of Snarky

Snarky friends, I have some exciting news. Today I’m releasing a new book called “Four Seasons of Snarky.” It’s a compilation of some of my all-time favorite blog posts. If you have read all of my 1,034 blog posts and counting then by all means don’t buy this book. BUT if you love Snarky then go ahead and give this a read.

Crazy is always in season, especially when you live in the burbs.

Epic yard wars (Because it’s always a good day when you call tell the HOA to suck it.), a PTA take down (Spoiler alert – lice is a great way to clear a room), bizarre goings on at a Parents Day Out program, Little League intrigue (Apparently, you don’t know real power until you become “Commissioner” of your local Little League.), a tale of Vacation Bible School taking an, ahem, rather unfortunate turn, how to get kicked out of the Junior League (It was harder than you might think), a science fair stalker and turning Christmas inflatables into a revenge plot

All this and more are in Four Seasons of Snarky featuring some of the greatest hits from Snarky in the Suburbs. Where schemes, payback, and retribution scenarios all tell the tale of a woman who will admit she might be crazy, but you know in a good way.

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(FYI you can download the Kindle app for free on your phone.)

In case you’re wondering why I finally did this well, here’s an explanation from the forward of the book.

I was an indecisive mess about putting this book together. That’s because what you’re about to read were all originally blog posts. This fact caused me to hem and haw about publishing a book that contained material that had already been posted on my blog.

But then I got selfish and by that, I mean I worried about dying. What if I die and every single blog post (1,034 and counting) gets purged because I won’t be around to pay the annual fee for the website? All that work would just be inhaled into the black hole of things that used to be on the internet.

That thought made me sad and that sadness made me think of the grandkids I don’t even have yet. I pondered about how maybe someday they would like to read about their crazy grandma. That right there, my friends, was all it took to encourage me to forge ahead with this book.

Waiting for you are some of my most beloved blog posts that feature my fa- vorite schemes of all times. A few of the stories are almost novellas and writing these posts gave me the confidence that hey, maybe I could write a book. Which led to the beginning of my Snarky in the Suburbs book series.

My hope is that in the future this book will become, at the very least, a bed- time story read by grandchildren (when they’re tweens because I do use some curse words) and they’ll think fondly of their grandmother who might have been just a tad deranged but still thought of herself as a bit of an ass kicker.