Shh, I’m Alone

I’m hearing a strange quiet sound in my house. It’s a little eerie because it’s been a long time since I’ve experienced an environment free of the noise of Zooms and the siren song of “What’s for dinner?”

Now along with the silence a weird sensation is beginning to take hold of my psyche. Could it be euphoria? Yes, I think that’s what it is. The feeling is so strong that I have to sit down to behold the wonder that I’m finally alone in my house. 

Thanks to the pandemic it’s been a while since I’ve had back-to-back blissful days of being the solitary human residing at my address. My husband has mostly worked from home for 27 months and then I’ve had a revolving door of children coming and going. 

But now I’ve got four days, four incredible days of doing whatever I want, when I want without any regard for another person’s wants and needs. 

The first stop I make on my “alone tour” is to the freezer. If you guessed it was to get ice cream you wouldn’t be wrong. But my main mission is to liberate the freezer from all the random food items my husband has stashed there. 

And by random I mean he can’t toss any food. From a single sad hot dog bun to a trio of tater tots this man believes in extending their life cryogenically. Never mind that no one will ever reach into the freezer and say, “Yay, three tater tots from 2011.”

That’s why it’s imperative that I use this time to clean out the freezer while my husband is a thousand miles away. Because if he was home and witnessed me trying to discard a Ziploc bag of two baby carrots he would  attempt to heroically save the carrots by putting them back in the freezer for infinity and beyond.

Another great joy I’m embracing is singing – loudly. I love to sing. Sadly for me and anyone within a mile radius of my voice is that my singing sucks. Then there’s also the issue that the songs I enjoy singing are Broadway show tunes. 

Yes, I know that doesn’t sound like a bad thing but here’s the deal. I can only remember the first two verses of every song on a good day. So, if I’m feeling like belting out “People Who Need People” after the “luckiest people in world” line that’s all I’ve got. 

This means I will sing that same lyrics over and over again and each time I ramp up the intensity. To me it’s magical. To my family it’s hardcore torture. 

Now that I’m alone I can sing, sing, sing without any nasty comments that some unkind people (who are related to me) make while wearing noise cancelling headphones. Apparently, my voice has the power to “sever auditory nerves.”  

I’m also relishing in the freedom to act like an idiot without judgement from anyone. I have to do a lot of social media to promote my books and blog which means creating videos.

There’s nothing more awkward than trying to make videos at home with the aghast vibes of your family permeating your creative spirit. I’m now thoroughly enjoying being imaginative with just my dogs as spectators

Yet I do feel honor bound to confess that I think my dogs did give me some serious side-eye during my last video. And let me tell you a beagle’s side-eye can really bring you down a peg or two. I’m still processing it.

But never fear I won’t let it ruin my precious alone time. Now back to the freezer and this time for ice cream.


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