I Have a New Book Out!

🎉Hip, hip, hooray my new book Empty has been released in ebook and paperback!!! 

I’m excited and also very nervous. Why am I nervous you ask? Well, it’s because this book is a departure from my other books which feature the Snarky character (that’s kind of my safe space). In fact, Empty was completed last year but I was very anxious about publishing it because it’s, I guess, what you might call “off brand.”

In Empty I wanted to explore what it’s like to reach fifty and just when you think you have everything figured out your life gets blown up by a myriad of circumstances from losing a job (and your health insurance) to getting abandoned by your spouse. (It’s not for nothing people that the highest divorce rate is in the 50 and older age demographic.) 

But never fear, I promise, it’s a fun read (You really didn’t think I had the I.Q. to write an intellectual tome, did you?) full of the power of female friendships and, of course, my personal favorite – revenge!

Click on the link below to read some pages of the book. I hope you love it. And please know that I so appreciate everyone that reads my blog, comments on posts, and makes me feel like I have an extended family. (And I’m talking about a really good extended family. Not one that would end up in a Dear Snarky letter. 😉)