Snarky in the Suburbs Trouble in Texas is Now an Audiobook!

I’m beyond excited that the book I wrote six years ago is now an AUDIOBOOK! This book means a lot to me. I dedicated it to my parents because the mother and father characters in the book are based on the personalities of my mom and dad.

Right after the book was released, I went to my hometown to do a book signing and some press and of course, most importantly, see my parents. My mom wasn’t feeling well enough to go to my book signing but I had a wonderful time reading the book aloud to my mom and dad.

A couple of days later I drove the 12 hours home and as I pulled into my driveway, I’m not kidding, as-I-pulled-into-my-driveway, I got a call from my sister that my mom had died.  A mere one year later my dad, who was in the throes of Alzheimer’s, also passed.

In the parent sweepstakes I feel like I got the grand prize. To me they were perfection. My mom – fun and funny who never met a person or problem she didn’t think she could fix. My dad – calm, steady and brilliant was the person you always called for advice or encouragement.

The first time I listened to the audio recording of the book by the brilliant Connie Shabshab I wept (and people trust me I don’t cry very often). It was as if my parents had come back to me, that they were in the room with me and all I felt was love. It was a profound experience because she totally captured their essence.

I’m not telling you all this, so you’ll buy my audio book. I’m telling you this because right now, today, go hug the ones you love. If they’re not physically close enough for a hug then let them know that they matter. That you miss them.

The fact that I got to share this book with my parents was a gift. It was my love letter to them.