Bringing the Wow Factor – The good, the bad and the ugly

I’ve had some wow moments recently. Now, just to be clear when I say wow it doesn’t always mean wow is in hip, hip, hooray but rather a wow mixed with a whoa. As in wow I can’t believe this is happening.

One of my wow/whoa moments concerned high waisted pants. If you just read this and are now thinking WTH? Please feel free to skip the next four paragraphs but for those of you who are still with me let me go deep on this current women’s fashion trend.

High waisted pants classified as jeans/trousers that stop where your bra starts are now all the rage and make me think I’m in a Saturday Night Live skit. ( To that I say hasn’t the pandemic brought us enough misery?

In theory high waisted pants sound awesome especially for all of us who can remember the 90s when jeans were “low rise” which is fashion speak for “you’re going to need a bikini wax to wear these pants.”

But now the pendulum has swung too far because I don’t need my pants to also multi-task as an auxiliary bra. Also, there’s a big problem when your pants go up that high and it concerns your stomach.

For humans without six pack abs high waisted pants highlight, as in shine a LED stadium floodlight, on any tummy pudge. To help you form that visual in your mind let me share that I looked like a mama Kangaroo who has a dozen toddler sized roos in her pouch.

As an added bonus the high waisted pants creates the visual effect of your chest commingling with your stomach so there’s almost zero definition between these two very different parts of your anatomy.  I’m not ashamed to admit I screamed when I saw myself in a pair of “high rise” denim. It wasn’t a loud scream but it was definitely the sound of an animal in distress.

Another wow moment happened on a flight to the West Coast. Yes, I recently had my tray table in the upright position and the experience was horrifying.

The plane was jammed packed, excessively warm and infiltrated with people who were trying to fly mask free by eating throughout the three hour flight. It got so bad the pilot had to come on the loudspeaker and announce that if everyone on the plane didn’t immediately put their mask on over their nose and mouth he was going to land at the next available airport and law enforcement would be meeting the offenders on the jet way.

WOW and then wow again when the pilot had to get back on the loudspeaker and remind everyone that they had agreed to wear a mask when they purchased their ticket so they could cease and desist with their “rights being violated” comments to the flight attendants.

Not 20 minutes later the pilot got on the loudspeaker for the third time and asked if there was a “medical professional” on the plane because a passenger was having a health emergency which prompted another passenger, who was not having a health emergency, to yell, “It’s because of having to wear a mask!”

Luckily, we did make it to our destination without having to do a non-scheduled landing for the mask challenged or a passenger in distress

My last wow is the good kind of wow. I recently had the honor, yes honor, of going to the Department of Motor Vehicles and it was a delight. Never have I been more impressed with customer service infused with pandemic protocol. I was in and out in under 540 seconds. Yes, 540 seconds from walking in to walking out at the DMV! I was giddy.

So goodbye jokes and griping about the DMV because now all I have is respect and gratitude for delivering the wow factor in all the right ways.

In fact, I’m entering the month of May hoping that I get more of those kind of wows.

🙂 Snarky peeps here’s another wow for you – Check out my new audio book! Yes, my first Snarky book “Snarky in the Suburbs Back to School” is now an audio book available on Audible & iTunes. Here are the links.