Dear Snarky – Coronavirus as a Halloween Costume

Dear Snarky,

I want to punch the father of my son right in the face. We share a two-year-old boy. Up to this point everything has been fine with custody and creating a loving environment for him. Both my ex and I were in agreement on almost everything related to our son.

Then out of the blue I get a text from him asking for my permission to let our son go in a coronavirus costume that his girlfriend “made out of felt for Halloween.”


Apparently, my son’s father has a new girlfriend and this woman wants to go as a “sexy nurse” and my ex is going as a bottle of hand sanitizer.

I was off the charts livid. My baby boy as the coronavirus – Are. You. Kidding. Me? It’s tasteless and tone deaf. Our son is not a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

How can I stop this because even if I say no this could still happen?

Signed, Out of My Mind Angry

Dear Out of My Mind,

Okay, like is this even real? I’m thinking this can’t be real. There can’t be a human on planet Earth that is dumb enough to think a toddler in a coronavirus costume is even the tiniest bit appropriate.

Do we dress as a cancer cell for Halloween? Hell no. Do we wear an Alzheimer gene costume on October 31?  Again hell no. The whole thing is depraved and shows zero sensitivity to the suffering the world has gone through.

There is though some hope. The fact that your ex texted you and asked for your permission might  be his way of saying “help me make sure this doesn’t happen.”

My guess is he wants you to be the bad guy and throw a huge fit so he can tell his girlfriend that you threatened legal action if your baby is in that costume.

Oh yeah, because that’s exactly what I would do – tell your ex if a coronavirus costume even comes within five feet of your son you will talk to your lawyer regarding taking legal action concerning his parenting decision making process.

Hopefully, that will shut down the worst costume idea in the history of Trick-or-Treat and bonus maybe it will scare off this new girlfriend as well.

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